Viridumar's Finest

Testing the Mettle of the Young’uns!

Session 2 - October 26-28, 4433 BCCC

In which a lost possession is returned to its owner, the Watch investigate a missing-person report and encounter unexpected opposition, and a dwarf becomes a fugitive from the Law.

Log Entry: Elial “Cody” Litman, Watch Sergeant

I discovered that the Mermaid’s tears were high quality, higher than anything I had encountered in over 2 years, making it less dangerous to killing and giving more effects from the same or smaller amounts. Basically better all around, and probably more lucrative, I would guess.
Da’ni had a visit from the secretary Punbar Latte, to Garrish Kochilar, the Archon and watch commander of the eastern city. He wanted to retrieve the signet ring that was “lost” and afterwards possibly has a contact in that noble house/watch office. Supposedly a letter to the Kochilar family will get read by the secretary and response will ensue, if deemed necessary. I read Content Not Found: watch-captain-loralee-littman in on us finding the ring and the mermaid’s tears. She hasn’t seen nor heard of anything that good, nor any new herbalists or alchemists setting up shop. She did give me a list of alchemists and herbalists to check out though.

Pyke Baylyff, Watch Constable has been assigned to be my partner while Da’ni and Itrid have been partnered up as well. This will allow us to better patrol our areas, and have backup should it be needed.

The first half of our nightly patrol was uneventful, but during our dinner break, Itrid had a visit from Shafa, reporting her friend, Kelera, was missing, and had been fired from the Golden Lily for using and distributing the Mermaid’s tears. Supposedly they do not use it at their establishment. Kelera is tall, black hair, blue eyes, and pretty, of course. She has a brother, a one Sotgut, or something. Who works at the Snake pit cellar bar. We head out to the shambles to gather information, but constable Baylyff proves to be the opposite of helpful and turns more people away with his questions and inquiry. Luckily for us Itrid and Da’ni do much better and learn all sort of information about the fine arts of thug mating or something. While traversing the shambles heading to find this boy and hopefully Kelera as well, we are jumped by a dwarf and his thugs, members of the Grubs Gang, a known vagrant lot of evil doers.

The battle is afoot quick with Constable Baylyff informing them all they are under arrest, and they knock him out quick and fast. Da’ni takes one down with a well placed crossbow shot to the leg, while Cody charges up to protect Baylyff’s fallen body. Cody stops one from getting to me, as I cast my sleep spell putting another one down, drop my crossbow, slide between 2 attackers, draw my shortsword and drop another one. The dwarf and a thug are on me, Itrid and Da’ni take on and drop another one. A thug flees down an alley and we hear screaming but cannot investigate because of our fight. The dwarf and last thug take off, Itrid pursues, and runs out of sight even with me winging him with a bolt. Da’ni takes off after her, I stabilize Baylyff and secure all the thugs in the street while waiting to hear back from Da’ni and Itrid.
Their pursuit takes them around a corner where the dwarf almost finishes off Itrid before Da’ni arrives and takes a beating himself, going unconscious. In the end, the dwarf departs, fleeing, but not until after we get his name from a thug as Bronn.

In the end we captured 4 of the 6 thugs, assume something bad happened to the 5th, and the 6th escaped. Bronn also escaped, but with 3 hits drawing blood.

The young’uns did well, except Constable Baylyff that is, who needs to be sent to defensive training as soon as he can get healed up.



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