Viridumar's Finest

The Malevolent Mystery of the Mines

Session 16 - December 21-31, 4433 BCCC

In which VILE takes a vacation from their day jobs to go dungeon-crawling.

Everyone present(elial, itrid, karith, da’ni, including Raven who is joining the group)

We prepped for our journey north, towards my family’s abandoned mine of some 55 years or so, that i got via a deed from my uncle when he died, left to me, of all people. and of course, Caer Cadwin is in the north, so that is part of the bait to get some of the others to go along with me, and the lure of advenure, with the winter setting in, might as well be inside a mine i said.
and they listened, which is of course the best part, right?
Rumors that Karith picked up, the military is going to raid the snake pit cellar, for some reason, i bet it aint the grog.
Dani thinks the Slop n Hop, a tavern of ill repute (he seems to know alot about these places) has a dungeon into the sewers of all places, with treasure including a platinum bell worth millions of gold pieces, they say. well we have been down there, and there is some stuff for sure, and some gas and other bad things, so something to check out when we return.

3 dwarf miners accompany us, Bodur (with the xbow), Vadur (with the big pick), and Didur (the bald one).
the family name on the mine is “Illuman, Ati”, my uncles father i think, because it wasnt his last name. I seem to recall something about a pyramid, or an eye, or something else perhaps on a painting i saw once in my uncles house, of his father? not sure.
it was claimed to be a silver min, with rubies also, several decasdes, 55 years roughly, since it closed, “horrible things happened here” “delved too deeply”, some form 1047G filed, saing something about "unforeseen infestation, code 37B, “closed due to explosion is code 37A.”

I was able to secure 6 potions of CLW by categorizing our trip as hazardous duty. Itrid realized our standard watch load wasnt prepared for mine searching. her and I put our minds together (bardic knowledge and profession miner) but neither of us really knew what to take with us. So instead I turned to our 3 dwarf buddies who made sure what we needed to take with us.
Da’ni started wearing the boots of elvenkind, “sneaking through the halls of Beaurocracy” and as he stated it makes your ears grow, :)

it was 9 days of travel, while we worked on dwarven commands for battle (da’ni was only one not speaking dwarven) but my 3 miners pointed out they were not fighters, they were hired for mine exploration and knowledge. Didur the hypocondriac, wans a CLW and i did daily heal checks, i spot nothing wrong, but tell him i will keep an eye on him. he isnt really ok with that, wants magical healing all the time.

We come upon the small mining village, now mostly farming, mostly vacant. They have a tavern and a general store. Da’ni is worried about how depressed the town is, with the cliff nearby are people jumping off? 7 was glenn’s answer, was that out of 10 or 5? We go to the Mauve Hawk Inn – Gather Info by Da’ni confirms the mine age. Adventurer’s enter, don’t come out. The area is mostly rolling hills, and the large cliff face where the mine is at. 1 old timer reminisces about how good it was, rubies the size of your head were hauled out, and there was trade with the elves. He told us how Lord Illuman halted the daily activities because of what was found down in the mines, and then a squad of soldiers entered, and there was an unearthly light, loud screams and then the town went silent
2 adventurers went in the mine yesterday, 2 females known for clearing out kobold infestations and dealing with undead. Mae a human and Cimera a dwarf in platemail. followers of the Raven Queen, a foreign death goddess opposed to undead. they earned a name over at golden shire, clearing out, as in exterminating with no survivors, a couple of mines.
Da’ni asks some questions, shows some papers, people ask him if he is a revenewer, and he says yes, and everyone goes silent.
I buy a round of drinks for a gold piece, and offer a toast from the family of the mine “Long live the town” and then i get asked what i meant and who i am, so i say if we return from the mine, we will show them the deed showing that I am the rightful owner. supposedly lots of people do that, since the barkeep called me a liar.
the dwarves say if its wraiths or ghosts, anything that can walk through walls or drain your life, we are dead anyhow. if its zombies, slash them they are slow, if its skeletons, bash them, they are slow and stupid, if its kkobolds they dont like fair fights, 3 on 1 is fair to them and they like traps. Da’ni starts searching when we get there.
the dwarves say there arefresh tailings outside, someone is mining so either the town is lying or something else is going on.
there is a scent of death, and something acrid, unfamiliar to me also (later i figure out its the smells of kobolds)
the mining cart tracks are not completely unused to show 55 years of aging, something is definitely going on.
Da’ni disables a razor wire trap, and then 2 trip wire traps with scything bladees and then 2 more trip wires with pit traps.
at one point he tests by screaming out as if he had fallen in one. we hear a Yip Yip, and a fight breaking out ahead. we start running up.
A wash of flame spits out of a side passage covering the human an dwarf in flames. (burning hands spell), the dwarf responds with a thunder stomp and the human goes into a spinning attack with her scythe.
Giant weasels and Kobolds bleeding out faster than normal, decapitated.
Karith gets into the action with a scorching ray at a kobold in robes
Cody gets a weasel kill and Elial hits a weasel in cover, itrid gets a charging critical kill chasing down the hall after the human and a weasel bit cody on the neck.
Da’ni rattles off a bunch of beaurocratical stuff after the battle, Itrid and May start talking, May takes her helmet off, is stunningly beautiful, the dwarf grunts mostly to Da’ni. Karith and the dwarf get into a bit of posturing over treasure and who had kill rights. they settle it
They ran into zombies and skeletons guarding so they went another way.
Killing kobolds makes Semera happy and they are good at it, so they do it, and killing undead is mays business.
we find an antique masterwork truncheon from an old guardsman (perhaps from my uncles fathers squad that entered the mine long ago?
we agree on 50 gp an equal share of loot for the 2 to accompany us while the mine is cleared. a win win to me.
Karith gets golden bracelets (gives one to semera)
the dwarf miners find uncut rubies (unbeknownst to us they pocket them)



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