Sewers of Viridumar

The sewers of Viridumar are nearly as ancient as the city itself. Pipes and tunnels ranging from only a few inches in diameter to as large as 20 feet drain sewage and rainwater from every corner of the city into the surrounding river or into the harbor. The tunnels themselves are twisty and mazelike after 3000 years of construction, maintenance, expansion, and occasional collapses, and even the sewer workers sometimes get lost.

Rumors and reports say that all sorts of creatures can be found in the less traveled parts of the sewers, ranging from otyughs (certain members of the City Watch can confirm this one, having met Big Stinky personally) to giant crocodiles to were-rats to undead of various sorts.

It is also rumored that dwarves in the Clifftop district have excavated tunnels of their own, and that these tunnels interconnect with the sewers in many places, permitting the dwarves to travel the city unseen by human eyes. It is rumored that other miscreants use these tunnels as well.

Some members of the Watch have recently begun attempting to map the portion of the sewers that underlies the main city square, like so:

Sewer map

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Sewers of Viridumar

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