Market District

The Market District, lining both sides of Market Avenue in the northern central region of Viridumar, is home to most of the common craftsmen and artisans of the city.

To the west, Market District grows poorer and blends into The Shambles, to the east it becomes more academic and transitions into Normaltown, and to the south the shops and eateries of Market District are abruptly replaced by the guild halls and bureaucratic offices of Venture Street district.

As far as the City Watch and the law are concerned, Market District is one of the quietest districts of the city – little worse than burglary and petty theft are typically reported here.

Locations and People of Interest

  • The Watch station on Glass Street, across the street from the tax collectors’ offices responsible for duty collection on goods coming through the northern gates.
  • The Tun and Tubs eatery, a halfling-owned establishment popular with the Watch.

Market District

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