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PCs are members of the City Watch in the city of Viridumar, capital of the empire of Viridstan. The campaign began in the autumn of the year 4433 BCCC, the 149th year of Emperor Hautulin Seheitt’s reign.

Districts of Viridumar

  • The Shambles – the dangerous slums of the city
  • Old Town – the oldest part of the city, now home to brothels and drug dens
  • Market District
  • Clifftop – home to wealthy merchants and traders, lately dwarvish immigrants as well
  • Waterfront District – docks, warehouses, and cheap taverns
  • Venture Street – the financial and bureaucratic center of the city
  • Normaltown – home to students, sages, alchemists, and bards
  • Military District
  • Seaside – the noble quarter
  • And beneath the city, the mazelike sewers

Outside the City

The Empire is divided into six provinces:

Province Location Capital Padishah Notes
Shardis Southwest of Viridumar Millo Fortress Paharrib Fu Borders the vast deserts to the southwest, wherein lie the “Holy Cities” of Mycretianism
Smyrsis Northwest of Viridumar Tell Qa Kijdawr Aenekosii Includes the Eleph territories to the far northwest, which pay tribute to Viridstan. Borders the dwarvish mountain kingdom of Starrcrag to the west.
Effernath Far north of Viridumar Caer Cadwen Satyrbis Orcuz Borders the elvish nation of Elsenwood to the north.
Thygamus Area around and to the northeast of Viridumar Tak Shire Dyshim Leayh Includes Lytton, a small mining village.
Lyoophiath East of Viridumar, including much of the Trident Gulf Port Targnol Abdu Inslar Gheulost Island, source of Carbelium ore for the Imperial Army, lies somewhere in these waters
Gommorath Across the Trident Gulf far to the east of Viridumar Grimlon Drong Dirkah

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