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Justice in Viridumar

The law is enforced by the City Watch, except within the walls of the castle and palace, where they have no jurisdiction. The Imperial Guard have sole jurisdiction within the castle, and technically have jurisdiction throughout the city as well, although they usually leave city matters to the Watch.

Routine cases are judged by the courts of the Zhir and Zhirquis. There are six appointed Zhirs, three of whom are responsible for civil cases and three for criminal cases.

Civil Zhirs:

  • Ghata Arsensandi (family law)
  • Kapelan Gwith (property law)
  • Nuhar Kerason (miscellaneous)

Criminal Zhirs:

Appeals (rarely permitted, usually requiring substantial bribery) and particularly high-profile cases (such as those involving the nobility) are judged by the (one) Zhirquis, Sir Aghill. In rare cases the Emperor or the Viceroy may overturn the Zhirquis’ verdict or sentencing, but otherwise his judgment is final.

Accused criminals are typically presumed guilty (especially if testified against by the Watch or the Imperial Guard) unless there is strong evidence of innocence or the accused can pay sufficient “court costs” or similar bribes to win clemency. Punishment is typically swift and harsh, ranging from fines to flogging, forced labor, or the gallows.


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