Imperial Government

The Emperor is the head of government for the empire of Viridstan, including the city of Viridumar and all of its subject provinces.

The Emperor’s rule of city and province is administered by a High Council consisting of the Emperor’s appointed ministers (the Viceroy and two Suzerains, who also govern the city) and the Padishahs who rule over each province. The High Council meets twice a year in Viridumar to develop plans and proposals for the Emperor’s review and decision. The Emperor’s decision is final – the council has no authority to override him.

Below the level of the High Council, the governments of city and province are separate.

Provincial Government

Each of the six imperial provinces is ruled by a Padishah. Like the titles of Viceroy and Suzerain, the title of Padishah (Shah) is officially non-hereditary – when the current title-holder dies or is removed from office, his successor is formally chosen (typically from among the hereditary nobility – Grandhees and Archons – though there have been exceptions) through a series of grand tournaments.

City Government

Each district has its own Low Council, presided over by an elected Boroughmaster. The contents of the weekly Low Council meetings vary by district but are typically informal and provide an opportunity for citizens within the district to air grievances and discuss issues of mutual concern.

The citywide Middle Council, which is comprised of Boroughmasters and Guildmasters, meets once a month. This council tends to focus on mercantile matters such as trade disputes, complaints about product quality, pricing of goods, and similar issues affecting the craftsmen and merchants they represent, but may also address cross-district concerns.

Civil disputes that cannot be resolved by the Low Councils or Middle Council are referred to the Court of the Zhir for resolution. This is typically an expensive option and so is to be avoided if possible.

On occasion the Middle Council may pass resolutions which are then sent to the Suzerains for their attention. However, they tend to be cautious about doing so – a year ago, there was an attempt at starting a resolution to request relief from the recently doubled tax burden, but this resolution quietly went away after the Boroughmaster and Guildmaster who started the petition were found dead. Rumors claim this was the work of the Red Blades.

Law Enforcement

Within the palace walls, the law is enforced by the Imperial Guard. The City Watch has no jurisdiction in the palace.

Elsewhere in Viridumar, the City Watch are the law enforcers of the city.

Outside Viridumar, the military enforces the law of the land.

All of the above organizations ultimately report to the High Council. Watch representatives occasionally attend Middle Council or Low Council meetings but are not accountable to these councils.

Throughout all of Viridstan, the Red Blades enforce the Emperor’s personal law in secret.


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