Gambol and Frolic

The Gambol and Frolic is a restaurant in Normaltown famed for its sense of spectacle. The food and drink is not the finest in Viridumar (though it’s close), but the entertainment is absolutely without peer.

Foods and beverages at the Gambol and Frolic range from the merely unusual (foreign spices, odd coloring) to the exotic (monsterflesh steaks) all the way to the outright magical. Examples include:

  • Star Sing Wine (you see blue sparkles and hear half-forgotten melodies when swallowing)
  • Dragon Breath Curry (you get a vision of being the poor knight facing the dragon…)
  • Shark Fin Ribs (no one’s quite sure how that works)
  • Black Bard Bopper (no one has yet managed to drink it and remain standing, comes with the warning label “Do not chug-a-lug or you WILL surely die”)

The entertainment is always unusual and exotic. Past acts have included:

  • A centaur poet
  • A troupe of gnome acrobats
  • A wrestling match between an orc and a ghoul
  • A naiad and fire elemental dancing together
  • Pixie pipers
  • The annual International Bard’s Harp and Ballad Contest
  • The annual Naked Mud Dance
  • …and much more.

Watch Corporal Da’ni Bu’uman and Milara Donannelle once had dinner here. It… didn’t go as planned.

Gambol and Frolic

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