Clifftop is the wealthy trader’s and merchant’s district. It is not home to most everyday small storefronts (those would be in Market District), nor most common warehouses (those would be on the Waterfront). Instead, the buildings here tend to be upscale. Storefronts here are of the sort that have very little inventory on display – jewelers and tailors whose custom work is so well-known that they don’t need to show anything, commodities traders who own entire warehouses on the Waterfront, dealers in real estate and property deeds, and so forth.

As its name suggests, this district includes the highest points in Viridumar. From the western edge of Clifftop, the ground slopes gently down toward the Central Square and the Imperial Palace to the east, and more steeply toward Old Town to the north and Imperial Park to the west. The southern edge of this district is a precipitous cliff (some 300’ high at its highest) with the Waterfront district at its base.

The cliff itself is riddled with dozens of small caves. Many of these are affiliated with the Obelisk Zeph Natchai temple adjacent to Imperial Park. Others were originally occupied by Eleph slaves brought in to work in seasonal shifts on Gheulost Island. When Imperial policy for Gheulost changed from mining by slaves to mining by skilled dwarven miners, these caves were emptied and made available – at a price – to the dwarves.

As a result of this policy, Clifftop has become the de facto dwarven district of Viridumar. Dwarves arriving early for their season at Gheulost rent the cave, and those who’ve returned and decided to stay in Viridumar have gradually bought up an increasing number of the surface homes in the district. This has not gone unnoticed by the human inhabitants of Clifftop, and sporadic protests have occurred, but dwarven gold spends as well as any other and so the more wealthy dwarven families have been tolerated in this district thus far.

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