Viridumar's Finest

Sic Semper Tyrannus
Session 25 - January 10, 4434 BCCC

A.K.A the session where the PCs rolled far too many natural 20s…

Leader Empress in training
Session 24 - January 10, 4434 BCCC

In which a riot is begun and our protagonists turn it into a rebellion.

The Two Ghosts
Session 23 - January 10, 4434 BCCC

In which the identity of the current and former Ghosts are revealed.

Into the Woods
Session 22 - January 10, 4434 BCCC

In which Karith experiences familial obligation, Amalas’ parents’ fate is discussed, and nature is red in tooth and claw.

Gathering Information
Session 21 - January 9-10, 4434 BCCC

In which many significant conversations occur.

Caer Cadwen
Session 20 - January 2-9, 4434 BCCC

In which a druid becomes a fellow traveler, Karith finds unexpected supporters of Shah Orcuz, and Da’ni is flabbergasted.

Elial's Decision!
Session 19 - December 31, 4433 BCCC to January 1, 4434 BCCC

In which a bargain is made, a ritual is performed, suspicions grow, a mine resumes operation, and an unexpected rumor is heard.

The Black Cauldron
Session 18 - December 31, 4433 BCCC

In which more kobolds are slain and Elial meets an unexpected relative.

Interlude: "The sickness"
Session 17

In which nothing at all transpires (cancelled session due to illness)

The Malevolent Mystery of the Mines
Session 16 - December 21-31, 4433 BCCC

In which VILE takes a vacation from their day jobs to go dungeon-crawling.


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