Viridumar's Finest

Commander Kochilar & His Supplier
Session 6 - October 31-November 1, 4433 BCCC - 5/6/12

In which the City Watch investigates one of its own, many alchemists are questioned covertly, and an incriminating conversation is overheard.

Big Stinky
Session 5 - October 29-30, 4433 BCCC

In which further investigation of the sewers reveals many questions but few answers, an unexpected alliance is made, and a bargain is concluded.

Into the Sewers
Session 4 - October 29, 4433 BCCC - 3/18/12

In which a bargain is made in return for information, a fugitive is apprehended, memories of the past are brought to mind, and a monster is encountered in the sewers of Viridumar.

Pursuing a Dwarf
Session 3 - October 28-29, 4433 BCCC

In which a missing person is unfortunately found, a love potion is purchased, and dwarves are investigated by the City Watch.

Testing the Mettle of the Young’uns!
Session 2 - October 26-28, 4433 BCCC

In which a lost possession is returned to its owner, the Watch investigate a missing-person report and encounter unexpected opposition, and a dwarf becomes a fugitive from the Law.

Teaching the Young'uns
Session 1 - October 24-25, 4433 BCCC

In which Watch officers on patrol come upon a break-in in progress at the Golden Lily, apprehend the miscreants responsible, and recover some interesting items.


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