Swift Justice

weapon (ranged)

Swift Justice is a merciful light crossbow +1. It acts as a light crossbow +1 but on command, bolts that are fired will deal only non-lethal damage and +1d6 of such damage besides:

Mode To-Hit Damage
Normal +1 1d8+1 / 19-20×2
Merciful +1 1d8+1d6+1 / 19-20×2, non-lethal

This weapon is dwarf-made and was given to Watch Sergeant Elial “Cody” Litman by Guildmaster Harald Helmcleaver as a gift. It is made of dark wood and bears the Common name “Swift Justice” inlaid in silver dwarf-runes along the right side of the stock. The command word to fire merciful bolts is “Harak” (dwarvish for “armor” or “protection”) and the command word to fire normal (lethal) bolts is “Zadush” (dwarvish for “vengeance”).

Merciful bolts fired from Swift Justice glow with a brilliant white light when loosed and continue to glow for a few seconds after striking a target. Lethal bolts glow dimly in flight and fade almost instantly on impact.

Swift Justice

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