weapon (melee)

Skyrender is a shock spiked chain +1 of dwarvish make. It acts as a +1 spiked chain but on command will deal additional electrical damage:

Mode To Hit Damage
Unactivated +1 2d4+1 / x2
Activated +1 2d4+1 + 1d6 electrical / x2

This magewrought weapon is dwarf-made and was given to Watch Corporal Da’ni Bu’uman as a gift from Guildmaster Harald Helmcleaver. It is an expertly made steel spiked chain with bone grips, much refined from the crude spiked chains originally developed by escaped Eleph slaves. Each wickedly sharp spike bears the dwarf-runes “Blixtak”, meaning “lightning”, and speaking this word while wielding Skyrender causes the length of the chain to crackle with electricity, rendering an already unpredictable and risky weapon even more dangerous to an unskilled wielder. The electricity continues so long as the weapon is wielded and kept in motion; dropping or stilling the chain will cause the electricity to cease until the command word is again given.


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