Mermaid's Tears

A drug with interesting properties


Mermaid’s Tears is the poetic name for a street drug of unknown origins that has lately become common in the lower-class parts of Viridumar. It also is used (in a much more purified and precisely prepared form) by navigators in the Imperial Navy.

As a street drug, Mermaid’s Tears is a milky blue liquid that acts as a moderately powerful stimulant and aphrodisiac when imbibed. It is quite addictive and long-term use has detrimental effects to the user’s health.

As used by the Navy, it is a clear, brilliant blue liquid that acts as a powerful stimulant, very mild aphrodisiac, and grants the user a magically perfect sense of location and direction at sea. This is presumed to be the key to finding Gheulost Island, which is not marked on any but the most secure of maps, and is so nearly flat and ocean-colored that it’s near-impossible to spot under most weather. The purified drug is produced under contract by a small number of alchemists, very closely watched and regulated.

Ingredients (as known to Watch Corporal Itrid Smithy of the Watch):
- Powdered mermaid scales (fish scales are commonly substituted in the street drug)
- Sea water (the brackish waters of the river are commonly substituted in the street drug)
- Iron filings
- Lily petals

Our protagonists recovered several vials of purified Mermaid’s Tears after foiling a burglary at the Golden Lily. Their investigation into the source and intended purpose of this drug is still ongoing, but it appears so far that Garrish Kochilar convinced Sprydan Moondragon to produce the drug, some of which ended up in the possession of Kelera of the Golden Lily, who was subsequently killed by Bronn Helmcleaver, who wanted to use the drug to help dwarves locate Gheulost Island for their own purposes…

Mermaid's Tears

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