weapon (melee)

Lightbringer is a merciful short sword +1 of dwarvish make. It acts as a +1 short sword but on command will deal non-lethal damage:

Mode To Hit Damage
Lethal +1 1d6+1 / 19-20×2
Merciful +1 2d6+1 / 19-20×2, non-lethal

This magewrought weapon is dwarf-made and was given to Watch Corporal Itrid Smithy as a gift from Guildmaster Harald Helmcleaver. It appears much like any Watch-issue short sword, but of finer make, and with the Common word “Lightbringer” inlaid in the blade in black dwarf-runes. When wielded these runes glow with white light. When the weapon is made merciful (with the command word “Zirak”, meaning “silver” or “shining” in Dwarvish), the entire blade glows white. It will resume dealing lethal damage with the command word “Uzn” (dwarvish for “dark” or “shadow”).


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