Gilfrex, the Toad Statue

A magical bronze statue of a toad


Gilfrex is a bronze statue of a toad, currently housed on a pedestal in the center of the common room at the Frog and Toad Lodge. It is ancient and magical, but its only known magical property is its propensity to blink occasionally. People being people, a popular bar bet at the Lodge involves staring contests with Gilfrex.

The true name of this artifact is unknown – the name Gilfrex was bestowed by the owners of the Lodge, who acquired the statue through unknown means. Satidar wanted to name the toad “Gilden” after his uncle, and Tian wanted to name it “Frexel” after his cousin, so they decided to settle the matter with a three-way staring contest between the two of them and the toad. The toad won, so they named it “Gilfrex” as a compromise.


Gilfrex, the Toad Statue

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