A rare red metal that makes devastating weapons


The largest known veins of carbelium, a rare red metal, are found in the mines of Gheulost Island. Carbelium seems to thirst for human blood – weapons made from it are incredibly deadly and cut through iron and steel armor like paper. Soldiers claim that they’ve seen carbelium-tipped arrows go completely through a knight in full plate armor and kill the man standing behind him as well.

Due to its rarity and potency, the Emperor has decreed that all carbelium mined in Viridstan is property of the imperial military, although individuals may purchase and own small amounts of carbelium after obtaining a license. Carbelium is too rare and valuable to make large blades out of (rumors about the Red Blades notwithstanding) but is instead used to make arrowheads for the imperial archery corps. At any given time, half of the archers in the military carry carbelium-tipped arrows – specifically, the half ranking highest on periodic accuracy drills. This encourages competition within the ranks.


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