Yigu'ha Svuss


Yigu’ha Svuss owns and runs an alchemist’s shop in Normaltown district, and has done so for many years. Some 30 years ago, when experimenting with extended-duration potions, he managed to put the lower half of his body into gaseous form – permanently. Since then he’s become much more cautious in his research, although he still relishes a challenge.

He told the City Watch that he used to brew Mermaid’s Tears for the Imperial Navy’s use when he was young, but after his potion accident and subsequent reevaluation of his life, he decided that brewing a potion that could cost him his head if stolen was not worth the income it brought, and so no longer brews it.

Itrid and Elial have asked him about researching potions for locating a specific creature (he doesn’t know they’re asking about Big Stinky…) or for protecting them against toxic gases encountered in the sewers, and he’s interested in both possibilities, but no definite arrangements have been made.

Yigu'ha Svuss

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