Silisithussisisisisssssssssss, the Shopkeeper

A mysterious, apparently inhuman individual, who runs an equally mysterious shop


The Shopkeeper (as he – it? – prefers to be called by humans) is the proprietor of the magic shop that operates under the sign of the Silver Crescent and appears and disappears under mysterious circumstances. He is shrouded in heavy dark robes, and in the dim light of the shop, no facial features can be seen under the deep hood. His hands, however, appear to be green-scaled and taloned.

The Shopkeeper sells magical items of all varieties, but does not accept gold in payment. Instead, he prefers intangibles such as memories, emotions, beliefs and ideals, which he somehow extracts from his customers once the price is agreed upon.

Silisithussisisisisssssssssss, the Shopkeeper

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