Satyrbis Orcuz, Padishah


Shah Satyrbis Orcuz is the current appointed ruler of Effernath Province, to the north of Viridumar. His seat of power is the ancient castle of Caer Cadwen. It is rumored that his solar at Caer Cadwen is luxuriously appointed, perhaps even more finely than the Emperor’s own chambers in the Imperial palace.

Although “only” a Padishah (and hence technically outranked by the Viceroy and Suzerains), Shah Orcuz is a close confidant of the emperor. The Emperor’s personal estates (predating his ascension to the throne) are in Effernath Province and are carefully overseen in his absence by the Shah.

Tales of the Padishah’s governance are mixed. By most accounts he is kind, good, and generous in person, yet occasional news from the province sound like the law is applied by an iron hand, with criminals and dissidents typically being tortured or hanged for even seemingly minor offenses.

Shah Orcuz is betrothed to Milara Donannelle.

Satyrbis Orcuz, Padishah

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