Red Blades

The personal agents of the Emperor - if they exist


The Red Blades are the semi-mythical personal agents of the Emperor, a combination of secret police, assassins, and spies. They do not officially exist, but there are sufficient rumors and circumstantial evidence that it seems very likely that they are not merely a legend.

Supposedly their name comes from the fact that they always carry Carbelium blades – most rumors say daggers or rapiers. If this rumor is true, such blades would be impossibly valuable and deadly.

Supposedly all Red Blades are skilled in armed and unarmed combat, stealth and subterfuge, and magics both arcane and divine. They are said to be highly placed in the Mer Shunna hierarchy.

Supposedly the Red Blades always work in teams of three. Whether there is just one such team, or multiple teams, is not agreed upon.

Supposedly the Red Blades all have cover identities in Viridumar as everyday citizens – the Emperor does not require their services every day, after all. Various people are occasionally (or even frequently) rumored to be secret Red Blades, but spreading such rumors has a way of inviting misfortune, of the “accidentally tripped and fell off a rooftop” sort.

Red Blades

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