Witch, herbalist, crazy cat lady


Morkweb lives in a hut at the northeastern edge of The Shambles, near the city walls. Morkweb sells potions and brews of various kinds, but (she insists) never drugs of any sort. Morkweb cares for many cats, each of which she knows by name, and frequently talks with them. Not to them, with them. Morkweb yowls and hisses at them and claims to understand their responses – even a cat’s indignant stare has great meaning to Morkweb. Sometimes Morkweb “hears” things from her cats that it would seem very unlikely for her to know otherwise – so perhaps there’s some truth to her claims?

Morkweb refers to herself almost exclusively in the third person.

Watch Corporal Da’ni Bu’uman has purchased a love potion from Morkweb, which should be ready in a few days…


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