Loralee Littman, Watch Commander


Loralee is one of Elial’s elder twin sisters. She is the “responsible one” of the family, taking her jobs and duties very seriously.

Loralee until recently was Captain in charge of the afternoon shift at the Normaltown watch station. However, following the recent arrest, conviction and execution of her nominal superior, Watch Commander Garrish Kochilar, an arrest in which she and her brother Elial played a major part, she was promoted to the role of Watch Commander herself.

Loralee, like her twin sister Delsie, were born, 1 minute apart, in the family home, right here, as had many generations before them. They were the first children of Terje and Jessica Littman. Terje was a home brewer and a construction laborer by trade, knowing stonemasonry and carpentry since he was but a young boy in his fathers and grandfathers shop. Jessica sewed in her early years, but after marriage to Terje joined the city watch and after a few years she gave birth to both Loralee and Delsie, and 10 years later, to Elial as well.

Terje being a brewer, was also a drunkard and at times was physically as well as verbally abusive to the girls during their formative years. Jessica was always protective and sheltering, supportive and helped the girls learn their place as well as kept them out of trouble by taking them out on the job with her. Jessica was in the city watch with her sister Althea and her husband Earl. When Terje and Jessica were taken away by barbarians raiding from the north while out on a vacation to the mine of the family, Earl and Althea became the childrens caretakers. Elial was 3, the girls were 10. The twins started their careers in the watch around the time they were 15, not long after Loralee had met and befriended a local scholar who taught her that her rational actions were the better path through life. She trained under a veteran in the watch, it toughened her and allowed her to stand on her own feet early on, while she took care of Elial. She felt the responsibility of that from an early age. She met a very charismatic leader, who inspired her to reach further and strive harder to climb the ladder of success.
Her aunt Althea died of a disease or poison when the girls were 28, elial was 18 and had just entered the watch himself. Their uncle Earl died 8 years before that of the same disease or was it poison? Althea and the twins raised Elial from the time he was 10.

Loralee likes to wear her hair short, usually covered in a veil or head wrap/headdress of some sort, dresses fairly conservative even when she is off duty, has no specifically personal treasure or item, counting her family as her duty and pride. her personal armor bears a unique and distinctive design of alternating green and white quadrants with a black image of a dragon on it and stones surrounding that when you catch a glimpse of it beneath her city watch tabard which she almost always wears over it, in good shape, clean and well kept Ve crest

Loralee Littman, Watch Commander

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