Karith London, Watch Corporal/ Ghost of lies

This average sized human seams unaccustomed to being observed or the town watch tabard handing on his shoulders. His blond hair and green eyes stand out as you pass him on the street.


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Sorcerer 6 || Rouge 3 || Arcane Trickster 3

Primary Skills

  • Bluff
  • Disguise
  • Handle Animal
  • Knowledge (Arcana)
  • Knowledge (Nobility)


  • Eschew Materials
  • Spell Focus (Enchantment)
  • Leadership
  • Silent spell

Traits and Flaws

  • Frail (-1 HP per level)
  • Easygoing (+1 Gather Info, -1 Intimidate, Sense Motive)

Spells Known

  • Detect Magic, Read Magic, Arcane Mark, Light, Mage Hand
  • Detect Secret Door, Shocking Grasp, Hypnotism
  • Alter Self

Languages Known

  • Common
  • Dwarven
  • Elven

Key Possessions

  • Light Crossbow +1
  • Chainshirt +1 (?)

Karith is a native of Caer Cadwen and recent immigrant to Viridumar.

Living a low life in the slums it was always hard for Karth to find work. After his father passed when he resorted to stealing bread and was hung when Shah Satyrbis Orcuz had placed the law. though life inside of the fortress of Caer Cadwen is luxurious and comfortably. the hovel of a village outside is far from. Most people out side are lucky to make it through each winter and seeing how that keeps fatherless children from growing up into criminals Shah Satyrbis Orcuz seams fine in keeping it that way.
Wishing for an escape from this dead end life and being afraid for the lives of his Mother younger brother and sister Karith set out to pave the way of a future for what was left of his family.

Karith London, Watch Corporal/ Ghost of lies

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