Harald Helmcleaver, Guildmaster

Dwarf weapons trader and senior member of the Helmcleaver clan


Harald Helmcleaver is the head of Clan Helmcleaver’s weapons trading operations in Viridumar. He was distressed to hear from the City Watch that his son Bronn had been accused of assault and attempted murder of several Watch officers, and secretly made a bargain with the Watch officers involved in the case that he be permitted to send Bronn home to the mountains quietly rather than publicly casting shame on the Helmcleaver family.

The officers held up their end of the bargain when Bronn was arrested, handing him over for deportation (with a cover story of Bronn escaping and remaining at large), and were rewarded with the artifacts Lightbringer, Swift Justice, and Skyrender.

Harald Helmcleaver, Guildmaster

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