Garifus Bur'umun, First Priest of Armadad Bog


Garifus Bur’umun is a First Priest of Armadad Bog. Outside Viridumar, a priest of his rank would be the head of a major Mer Shunna temple, but at the Tiphrodd Temple in Viridumar, he is subordinate to the three High Priests in residence, who in turn are subordinate to the God-Priest Hautulin Seheitt himself. Nonetheless, he is the highest ranking member of the Bur’umun/Bu’uman/Burman family in the Mer Shunna hierarchy, and is considered a strong candidate for elevation to High Priest whenever one of the current office holders retires.

Garifus is a man of middling height in his early 50s with brown hair starting to turn gray. He is renowned for his miserliness (he would prefer to call it thrift) and his political savvy.

Garifus is great-uncle to Da’ni Bu’uman, and seems to think more fondly of him than most of Da’ni’s family, calling him “my boy” and encouraging his recent forays into the political realm. Da’ni currently owes him a favor yet to be named.

Garifus Bur'umun, First Priest of Armadad Bog

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