Elial "Cody" Litman, Watch Captain

A grizzled old veteran of 44 years standing 5'11" and weighs in at 172 lbs. He follows the Natchai and tends to be abrasive, a bit unreactive and somewhat slow. Brownish hair and blue eyes accent his tanned leathered skin.


a list of potential magic items 3rd level spells or lower to create

Elixir of love 150 gp
Unguent of timelessness 150 gp
Dust of tracelessness 250 gp
Elixir of hiding 250 gp
Elixir of sneaking 250 gp
Elixir of swimming 250 gp
Silversheen 250 gp
Elixir of truth 500 gp
Bag of tricks, gray 900 gp
Hand of the mage 900 gp
Bracers of armor +1 1,000 gp
Cloak of resistance +1 1,000 gp
Pearl of power, 1st-level spell 1,000 gp
Phylactery of faithfulness 1,000 gp
Salve of slipperiness 1,000 gp
Elixir of fire breath 1,100 gp
Pipes of the sewers 1,150 gp
Dust of illusion 1,200 gp
Brooch of shielding 1,500 gp
Necklace of fireballs type I 1,650 gp
Dust of appearance 1,800 gp
Hat of disguise 1,800 gp
Pipes of sounding 1,800 gp
Amulet of natural armor +1 2,000 gp
Horn of fog 2,000 gp
Robe of bones 2,400 gp
Sovereign glue 2,400 gp
Boots of elvenkind 2,500 gp
Boots of the winterlands 2,500 gp
Candle of truth 2,500 gp
Cloak of elvenkind 2,500 gp
Scarab, golembane 2,500 gp
Necklace of fireballs type II 2,700 gp
Stone of alarm 2,700 gp
Bag of tricks, rust 3,000 gp
Chime of opening 3,000 gp
Horseshoes of speed 3,000 gp
Rope of climbing 3,000 gp
Dust of disappearance 3,500 gp
Lens of detection 3,500 gp 57
Bracers of armor +2 4,000 gp
Cloak of resistance +2 4,000 gp
Gloves of arrow snaring 4,000 gp \
Restorative ointment 4,000 gp 68
Pearl of power, 2nd-level spell 4,000 gp
Circlet of persuasion 4,500 gp 7
Slippers of spider climbing 4,800 gp
Bracers of archery, lesser 5,000 gp
Helm of comprehend languages and read magic 5,200 gp
Vest of escape 5,200 gp
Eversmoking bottle 5,400 gp
Sustaining spoon 5,400 gp
Boots of striding and springing 5,500 gp
Wind fan 5,500 gp
Amulet of mighty fists +1 6,000 gp
Horseshoes of a zephyr 6,000 gp
Pipes of haunting 6,000 gp
Gloves of swimming and climbing 6,250 gp
Circlet of blasting, minor 6,480 gp
Horn of goodness/evil 6,500 gp
Bottle of air 7,250 gp
Periapt of health

Medium Items
Bracers or armor +3
Amulet of NAC +2
Boots of haste
Cloak of Arcadia
Minor cloak of displacement

A Captain of the town guard, at the Normal town watch station, leader of the newly commisioned Special Investigative Unit, Elial is a fighter/adept and has served alongside his guard dog familiar Cody, a wire fox terrier by birth (now with a dog collar of enlarge/polymorph he looks like a tosa inu) for many years now.
Tosa inu 8


Gather Information 8 (10 with Natchai)
Knowledge Local 10 (12 in Temple Lane region)
Survival 10 (track feat with familiar, scent based)
Scent (sam as lowest of listen/spot) 4
Intimidate 13/15 strength based tough guy with dog
Heal 10
Handle Animal 8


Rapid Reload
Precise Shot
Point Blank Shot
Weapon Focus crossbow
Armor Proficiency – Medium Armor
alertness with dog familiar
track/scent with dog familiar
urban tracking

Traits and Flaws

  • Slow: -1/2’ movement, +1 hp/level
  • Unreactive: -6 initiative
  • Abrasive: +1 intimidate, -1 bluff/diplomacy
  • Stout: +2 vs bull rush/overrun

Languages Known

  • Common
  • Viridian
  • Elven

Typical Spells

  • Cure Minor, Light, Touch of Fatigue
  • Bless, Burning Hands, Command
  • Invisibility, Scorching Ray

Wealth and Possessions

part owner in a 3 BR house with my elder twin sisters (Delsie and Loralee) who are senior Watch officers in different districts in town, The house is in the Temple Lane district (400gp my cost, 300 gp their cost)

deed to an abandoned and possibly haunted mine

Spells Known

0 Level (cast 3/day)
create water, cure minor wounds, detect magic, ghost sound, guidance, light, mending, purify food and drink, read magic, touch of fatigue.

1st Level (cast 3 per day)
bless, burning hands, cause fear, command, comprehend languages, cure light wounds, detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, detect law, endure elements, obscuring mist, protection from chaos, protection from evil, protection from good, protection from law, sleep.

2nd Level (cast 2 per day)
aid, animal trance, bear’s endurance, bull’s strength, cat’s grace, cure moderate wounds, darkness, delay poison, invisibility, mirror image, resist energy, scorching ray, see invisibility, web.


Raised by his 2 older twin sisters, both members of the town guard as well, his family has lived here for many generations, some even say there is Viridian ancestry flowing through his veins.
Elial has always had a pioneering spirit, and has shown that he is willing to take risks for the good of others, as well as for personal gain. he has always been concerned with having enough to get by, and has proven that hard work will give the rewards he seeks. He was born in his family home, at midnight exactly, and has the benefit of increased night vision, but suffers from decreased magical prowess during the time around high noon. A goose laid a golden egg when he was born. the egg has long since been lost, sold, etc.
His twin sisters have friends and enemies from their many years on the city watch, and between them have 3 jilted ex lovers.

Elial’s youth is when he learned the family trade, being on the city watch, as his baby sitting was just that, doing patrols, and cleaning up from an early age. he proved he was proficient and efficient at it and have never left or sought another profession. He had an encounter with the elves to the north, befriending a couple of them ??

His adolescence proved to be wonderful in that he save the life of a neighbor (Sadye Weissler) who taught him the finer arts of being an adept, who had been poisoned (accidentally?). Not long after saving Sadye though, Elial lost his first and up to this time, his only pet Fromme, who suffered a very painful death (possible poison? torture?). It was very shortly after this, that Elial got Cody, the dog familiar he has to this day.

When Elial grew into adulthood, he inherited an old abandoned mine (empty and mined out or just abandoned but still viable?), maybe 5 years ago, that is possibly haunted by a ghost (real or fake?)

Elial’s most valuable person is his deity and he has a strong faith
his most valuable thing is the letter deeding him the mine, but he doesn’t hold much attachment to it, at least not yet.
his most valuable abstract would be the power he wields as a sergeant in the city watch, which is a fairly strong belief and driving force in his life

Elial is aloof in some ways, average at best compared to most people, humorous more so than most people, and extremely pious when compared to a majority of people.
he is also considered lazy by some but in comparison is probably not as lazy as most. he is egotistical, but again less than most, and is probably considered to be a trivial liar, but who isnt.

Elial was promoted from Sergeant to Captain and put in charge of the new investigative unit of the Watch as a result of his involvement in the arrest, conviction, and execution of Garrish Kochilar.

Elial "Cody" Litman, Watch Captain

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