"Happy" Dengar "the Mad", Zhir


Key skills

  • Bluff +6
  • Diplomacy +5
  • Intimidate +3
  • Knowledge (Local/Law) +8
  • Sense Motive +5

Dengar is one of the Zhirs (Judges) of the courts of Viridumar. He primarily hears criminal cases, and is generally known to drink heavily while court is in session (and most other times besides). His judgements as Zhir are capricious, unpredictable, and creatively cruel in ways that bring him much amusement. His manic giggles have given him his twin nicknames of “Happy” and “the Mad”, both of which he hates.

Dengar is rumored to be a former drinking buddy of Garrish Kochilar, but it is rumored that they had a falling-out (probably over money Kochilar borrowed from Dengar) and he now viciously hates Kochilar. However, Dengar is intimidated by Kochilar (and his reputed skill with a blade) and would never confront Kochilar directly unless the odds are substantially in his favor – such as if Kochilar should ever end up in court facing him…

"Happy" Dengar "the Mad", Zhir

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