Delsie Littman, Watch Captain


Delsie is one of Elial’s elder twin sisters. She is the “wild one” of the family, with a long string of former lovers, several of whom may still hold a grudge.

Delsie currently runs the day shift at the Waterfront District watch station. She likes to lead from the front lines whenever possible, escaping her desk job to take an active hand in the search of suspected pirate vessels or warehouses of contraband.

Delsie is the younger (by a minute) of Elials twin sisters, her other half, Loralee, was always the well mannered, and responsible one, so Delsie rightfully took on the job of getting into trouble, finding adventure and trying to get Loralee to lighten up a bit and have fun.

(most of the family history of the twin girls growing up can be found on her older sisters reference sheet, since she is the responsible one anyhow)

Delsie however, took to relationships at an early age, before she even joined the city watch. One such boy/man ended when Delsie was convinced that he had been or was responsible for the death of her sibling brothers pet dog, an possibly the neighbor as well. Her second serious romance was a bit later in life, and when Delsie beat him out for a position on the watch, that ended it right there, as his POV was that women shouldnt be out and about carousing and tromping around the docks dressed like a sailor on leave. (Delsie still likes to dress like a sailor or pirate or merchant marine most times when she isnt in her watch outfits) Her last significant romantic relationship ended when her lover caused her to lose her good girlfriend because of the jealousy that grew out of the other girl not getting the man. in the end neither of them did, and it ended their friendship as well.
Delsie likes to wear her hair in thick braids, pigtails, or 3 braids, almost always unless she isnt allowed at work. She has tattoos on her upper back of a mermaid and a ship and on her chest of an anchor and her diety that not very many people know about. she claims to have both sailed upon ships, though she will not say if she was doing anything pirate like. she also claims to have met and befriended mermaids along her journey and many years both along the waterfront and out to sea.

her favorite personal item is actually a toy of elials from when he was a small child, that she acquired when their parents were taken away. she still has it, hidden away, as elial seemed to lsoe track of it and didnt seem that concerned, or maybe he was distracted by it all.

Loralee felt the brunt of the physical abuse by their father up until they disappeared, as she always ran interference when she could. from there she would disappear down to the docks to help hide the bruises and marks left on her by claiming she was in a fight, which most times was right, a fight she started, it seemed, and some of which led to her many “lovers” if you want to call them that.

She still likes to hang out at the waterfront, her chosen locale for these many years.

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Delsie Littman, Watch Captain

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