Cimera Ashenhair, "the Hunter"

A taciturn dwarf in odd plate armor, hunter of kobolds


Cimera is a wandering mercenary along with her partner Mae. Cimera is possessed of strange psychic powers neither arcane nor divine in origin, something almost unheard of in the Empire proper. Unlike the friendly and outgoing Mae, Cimera is taciturn and generally uninterested in conversation or other social niceties .She is rarely without her crystal-encrusted red-and-gold full plate armor, often refusing to remove even her great-helm even in friendly environments.

Cimera utterly hates kobolds and the feeling is mutual. When she lays siege to a kobold lair, she goes to great pains to ensure there are no survivors. As a result, kobolds everywhere tell fearful stories of “the Hunter”.

It is rumored that Cimera feeds on the life-force of dying foes (or perhaps even allies) to gain strength herself. Some call her a vampire, but if that were so, surely she would not travel alongside Mae, the undead-slayer?

Cimera Ashenhair, "the Hunter"

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