Blount "the Sorrowful", Watch Captain

A recently promoted captain, skilled weapons trainer, and sad man


(Fighter 3, feats in Weapon Focus, Improved Disarm, and Improved Feint)


Blount has rarely been known to smile, hence his nickname. He was only recently promoted from Sergeant, where he was for many years one of the most effective (and feared) weapons instructors in the Watch. As second-shift (afternoon/evening) Captain at the Temple Lane Watch station, his official duties tend towards the administrative, but whenever there are weapons drills taking place in the station yard, he prefers to foist off his paperwork onto the nearest Sergeant and join in.

Blount has been known to get into fights in taverns with anyone who tells him to “cheer up” or “smile”. At the end of his shift (somewhat after midnight) he always heads in the general direction of The Shambles. No one knows where he lives or if he has family, and anyone who’s tried to follow him has gotten lost en route – or so they claim the next day.

Blount "the Sorrowful", Watch Captain

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