Sir Aghill "the Impatient", Zhirquis

The Zhirquis of Viridumar, judge of the highest court in the land


Sir Aghill is the current Zhirquis (head of the highest court in Viridumar). His nickname “the Impatient” is well-deserved. He speaks bluntly and directly and has no patience for those who dawdle, stall, hesitate, or show any sign of weakness or uncertainty (he sees the two as interchangeable). The best way to handle oneself in his court is to speak up in a clear voice, shoot from the hip straightforwardly and stay level-headed.

Although only a knight and not any sort of hereditary nobility, Sir Aghill has grown quite wealthy from his years as Zhirquis and has become accustomed to a comfortable life in the city. He has little use for magic or religion but appreciates those who demonstrate physical prowess and political clout.

Sir Aghill "the Impatient", Zhirquis

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