Viridumar's Finest

Taking Down Kochilar

Session 8 - November 3-4, 4433 BCCC - 7/8/12

In which investigations are concluded, additional evidence is obtained, a witness turns state’s evidence, and an arrest is made.

Log Entry: Watch Sergeant Elial “Cody” Litman

it all came to a head rather quickly, dig a little dirt here, clean off some dirt there, and what do you know, we find a lot of things pointing to one Commander Kochilar being a dirty rotten treacherous drunk of an oaf, stupid and all, worthless as all get out. so we hadda do what we hadda do.

Dani started it with tapping into the family tree, and seeing what shook loose, or rather, what would help us when we were bound to need it, with the path we were taking. He talked with Yaimondar, his 2nd cousin, head of the Sanguinairs, and basically got that he thought that Kochilar was a drunkard, had no taste, was rich, a bully, had no clout of his own, so basically yea, he liked him.

Then he went and talked to Garifus, his great uncle, First Priest of Mer Shunna, and he thought Kochilar was an idiot, spends way too much money both of his own and others, not many if any friends, owes a lot of people, and that he is happy Dani is considering politics because the family always had such hope for him. Kochilar won’t be missed much, even by his cousin, but make sure our case is ironclad, because if he somehow gets off, then watch out. Dani also went to a local locksmith and picked up some thieving tools.

Itrid did some things that we are not privy to.

then we went off to get the ironcladding we needed to bring him down. We B&E’d into the chief undersecretary’s office of wine importation and inspection. we found that Kochilar had confiscated some elven wine and had it shipped to his personal mansion. also there was much corruption and bureaucracy type skimming here and there. we took appropriate documents.

we then went to Sprydan Moondragon’s place of business and rustled him from his sleep to talk to him about flipping on his employer, and getting his confession and subsequent help in bringing down Kochilar as well as helping in nailing the coffin with his testimony. he agreed after we laid it all out for him, and it was set for the next day, so we wouldnt miss any opportunities, as well as making sure to get the wine added into the charges.

first delivery was for 40 vials, so we assumed the second would be the same. we handed over the 3 vials we had procured, and called in some of those constables that we knew to be good and ready for a prime promotion opportunity. My sister was to be on location, watching and listening so her testimony would be unbiased, and untainted.

We went to the Toddy Toe Toddle, a cheap and rather horrible inn that is known for being low life and seedy, a perfect place for Kochilar to be snatched in. Pig Knuckle the bar boy, Flopsy mop the bar wench, and Nosey the owner were all on location. Itrid was the eyes, based by the door. I was one set of ears on the bar facing the fireplace, and Dani was another, passed out on the table adjacent to where Moondragon was based in the far corner, dark and seedy, perfect.

first Punbar showed up, his assistant, secretary, etc, and tries to talk Moondragon into handing over the goods now, but he says no and off he heads. Kochilar arrives not much later, sits down, and talks to Moondragon, asking why he didnt deliver to Punbar Latte, to which he responds saying he thinks he skimmed some off the last shipment and doesnt trust him.

Moondragon says he needs the money and shows the case, Kochilar is suspicious and drinks one of them, saying “As good as the last time” (PERFECT!) and then he snaps the case shut, and starts to leave.

Dani stands up behind him, saying “Kommander Kochilar, in the name of the emperor you are under arrest for various counts of high treason against the empire” and I step to one side of him and blow the guard whistle, while Itrid starts to get up and block the doorway.

He moves quickly (enhanced by the mermaids tears no doubt) and thinks Itrid is a common girl, and tries to take her hostage (PERFECT!) but to no avail, as his stab misses her and she whispers “Zirack” and attacks him. then me and Cody (who leaps over the bar while running in, 27 roll on jump) add more damage to him. Dani attacks with his chain, and trips him. he attacks me from the ground, hitting my leg and drawing blood (PERFECT!) but I continue and put a bolt into his chest from Swift Justice.

He screams out he surrenders (which Dani sees as a lie) and then he attacks Itrid while she lowers her guard, putting a nasty gash into her side (PERFECT!)

Constable Johnson comes around the corner, to the doorway, and ways “In the name of the Law” and smites Kochilar with his cudgel, and then Itrid KO’s him finally. I send the constables to Kochilar’s mansion and tell them we will meet him after we shackle and hood him and then march him to the Arsenal, where my sister books him.

we head to the mansion and Dani spots Punbar Latte leaving out the back alley with a bag full of stuff and gives chase. at one point he is snared in a tanglefoot bag, but just before he sees Punbar go down into the sewers and then hears a scream. Dani is able to retrieve said bag, and we assume that our good friend Big Stinky is responsible for yet another rat cleanup job. the bag contained elven wine and several vials of mermaids tears which he was apparently trying to find a buyer for.

all in all it was a good couple of days, and hopefully the justice system will find our evidence enough to convict him of the treason we have been alerted to.

GM Notes

Kochilar’s inbox at the Office of Wine Importation and Inspection included letters from various putative elven dignitaries offering various rewards in return for his assistance with importing various items into the city (similar to Nigerian 419 scams?)

Evidence recovered from the Office of Wine Importation and Inspection:

  • Ledger book showing pattern of corruption
  • Memos showing confiscation of elven wine shipment intended for the Imperial Palace
  • Memos directing elven wine delivery to Kochilar’s mansion and confirmation of delivery

Da’ni wrote a forged letter for Moondragon (signed illegibly) promising immunity from prosecution in return for his testimony.



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