Viridumar's Finest

Bar Fights and Gumshoes

Session 7 - November 1-3, 4433 BCCC

In which a bar fight is broken up by the City Watch, a corporal returns to duty, the aftermath of recent events is observed, and much investigation and plotting takes place.

Log entry: GM

As Elial “Cody” Litman, Watch Captain and Itrid Aenekosii (a.k.a. Itrid Smithy), Watch Sergeant made a hurried exit from the Frog and Toad Lodge, they were startled to notice Da’ni Bu’uman, Watch Corporal (who at this point had been missing for almost three days) ordering a meal at the bar. No time to stop and question him yet, though, as they needed to avoid being seen by Garrish Kochilar or Sprydan Moondragon, who seemed likely to emerge from their private booth at any moment, so the two Watch officers continued out into the street and ducked into a nearby alley to watch for the suspects to leave.

Meanwhile, an intoxicated young bard inside had begun insulting a group of Watch constables, suggesting that despite their victories in the staring contest with Gilfrex, the Toad Statue, they were unworthy to receive the attentions of Malsa the barmaid, which would be better spent on himself or one of his fellow-adventurers. Da’ni, sensing a fight brewing, tried to defuse the situation, encouraging the bard to take his fair turn in the staring contest. Kochilar and Moondragon seized this distraction to make a quick exit (noticed by Da’ni, but not remarked on as he was unaware of their significance as of yet). But the bard (whose name was later revealed as Edvin) was not dissuaded, and once he shoved over Gilfrex’s pedestal, dashing the precious statue to the floor, a fight was inevitable. Several constables leapt up from their table to defend the statue, and Edvin’s fellow adventurers emerged from their booth to defend him.

To his credit, Da’ni continued to try and peacefully break up the fight from its very midst, pleading alternately with the Watch and the adventurers as fists, cudgels, and spells began to fly around him. Seeing their suspects leaving through a back exit, and knowing that Da’ni was present in the bar fight, Itrid and Elial moved to assist their fellow watch officers. Elial took advantage of an open front window to fire Swift Justice, his new crossbow, into the building, dropping the bard unconscious (yet somehow not injured) in a single shot of searing white light. Itrid charged headlong into the fray, drawing her new weapon Lightbringer, which blazed with white light as well. If Viridumar had recruiting posters for the City Watch, a picture of her entrance would belong on them.

The adventurers reacted with the swiftness and lack of respect for property that adventurers are so well known for. A sorcerer (Erik) and druid (Rosewind) cast fire spells, catching furniture (and several Watch uniforms) ablaze, and the druid’s pet wolf (what Watch officer manning the gate had permitted that into the city?) savaged several constables before being taken down, improbably, by Elial’s terrier, Cody. The fourth adventurer, a cleric of Shang Ta (Jaq), was hesitant to join the fight, instead casting a spell (obscuring mist) which limited vision and dampened the fires.

On their own, the Watch constables might have been overcome by the rowdy adventurers, but thanks to the intervention of the more senior Watch officers Elial, Itrid, and Da’ni, the fight was swiftly ended in favor of the Law. As senior officer present, Sergeant Littman decided not to press charges against the adventurers so long as they agreed to pay for fire damage repairs, buy a round of drinks for everyone, and agree to never visit the Frog and Toad Lodge ever again. Jaq (the only adventurer left conscious at the end of the fight) and the constables were surprised but pleased by this creative solution (and the lack of paperwork that it entailed) and agreed. Elial also encouraged several of the more proactive constables (particularly one Constable Johnson) to consider transferring to the Temple Lane Watch Station as a career-advancing move.

The officers returned to their watch station, having filled Da’ni in on the situation with Commander Kochilar and Moondragon the alchemist. They agreed that more investigation was needed to determine how best to proceed with building a case against a man who both had authority over the Watch and also the wealth and connections of a noble. Da’ni opened his gift from Harald Helmcleaver, finding it to be a spiked chain named Skyrender.

The next day, further investigations began. Itrid went to schmooze with various constables and corporals associated with the Watch stations overseen by Commander Kochilar, hoping to dig up new dirt to use against him. Elial began nosing around to find allies in the judicial system who might have the clout and the motivation to prosecute a nobleman, finding that one Zhir, “Happy” Dengar “the Mad”, was a former drinking buddy of Kochilar who now hated him.

Da’ni planned to access his family connections to find allies against the political fallout of prosecuting Kochilar, but first he had something important to check up on. He had only vague memories of his dinner with Milara Donannelle three days prior, but he could remember feeling like everyone at the Gambol and Frolic was his best friend in the world, including the customers, staff, and on-stage entertainers. So with some trepidation, he returned to the restaurant to survey the damage.

He found that their waiter had taken a month’s leave after receiving from Da’ni the largest tip of his life, that he had made quite an impression on various customers with his gregariousness, and that he had at least briefly joined the troupe of gnomish acrobats on-stage mid-performance. As best he could guess, after mixing Morkweb‘s love potion with the evening’s drink special, magical Star Sing Wine, Da’ni must have accidentally imbibed the mixture that he had intended for Milara, and the potion must have interacted with the magical beverage to cause him to fall in love (or at least deep affection) with every person he saw, instead of simply the first one as it should have been. Although he had emptied his purse in tipping the waiter, and Milara had left while he was distracted (although seemingly pleased), there did not seem to be any other lasting harm from the ensuing zaniness, and in fact the owner of the restaurant had been entertained sufficiently to offer him a one-man show opportunity in the not-too-distant future. Da’ni accepted the offer, and in return advised the owner to consider purchasing love potions from Morkweb to mix with his drinks. Time will tell how that works out…

The following day, the three met for lunch, joined by Elial’s sisters Delsie and Loralee, to discuss their findings and plans. Three next steps were agreed upon:

  • Covertly search the Office of Wine Importation and Inspection (Kochilar’s other civic office) for additional incriminating evidence
  • Covertly search Moondragon’s shop for evidence
  • Continue looking discreetly for legal and political allies

Log entry: Elial “Cody” Litman, Watch Captain

added 7/8/2012
What in the world was Dani doing in there, I asked Itrid as we quickly ducked out the door, hiding our faces as best we could from those who would notice us and turn our detective work into nothing at all. The bar fight did indeed start and from the outside I cast Bless to aid those inside, so that as we saw Kochilar and other leaving out the back, we decided it was time to get back to it, and stop the fight from hurting many if it was possible. I screamed “To Arm!” and shot a subdual shot through the window, KO’ing the bard indeed. battle did ensue, and we were victorious, and some credit had to be given to those brave constables that were inside the bar at the time.
I left Johnson in charge, and while we sorted out the mess and updated Dani, he did a competent job.
lots of talking and such ensued at the Beanery



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