Viridumar's Finest

Big Stinky

Session 5 - October 29-30, 4433 BCCC

In which further investigation of the sewers reveals many questions but few answers, an unexpected alliance is made, and a bargain is concluded.

Log Entry: Elial “Cody” Litman, Watch Sergeant

Dani ran back to report “Otyugh and Bronn escaped”
Back to the helmcleaver clan thru the secret door, Bronn was left chained in the sewer with Cody guarding for escape as well as others coming along.

Harald knew nothing of the Otyugh, and appeared to know nothing of decade old dwarven meetings in the sewers.

We negotiated wrongful death restitution for Kelera in the amount of 15 plat (which Itrid felt was far too cheap, but i felt was more than the girl probably deserved), plus we would gain the personal gratitude of Harald himself. (3 weapons)

we returned Bronn with the tag of “leave town, never return on penalty of murder charge” to save family honor

we met back up with the corporals and gave our pass down, and headed back to clean up and check out.

cody appears to have filth fever, watched it and by morning i think i had it under control (first save passed with heal check)

next day

we gathered an expedition (requested 6 constables, got 4), along with 2 potions of cure light in case we needed it.

itrid and i explored the sewers first, a few hours before constables show up, and through multiple passages, we spotted a large crocodile, floating past us, we let it go for now.

we run across the dwarven word (name?) “Gloin” inscribed on the wall. we find a place where a ladder used to lead to the manhole cover above, and that it appears to lead to a building now, we can hear the market square muffled nearby. 2 people are talking, apparently a merchant establishment. itrid climbs up and enters the building, through the manhole cover which is under a rug, into the back room of Whitefire’s Apothecary. which is on our list of possible places to check about mermaids tears. white fire is there. he and itrid talk. i check the area below and it does not appear anyone has moved around on this tunnel for some time, so the thought that they used the sewer to move their goods is not correct. we make markings at 6.5’ on the wall, where the manhole cover is. it sounded like he covered the hole with rug and something heavy like a chest.

we find other areas where it appears dwarven repairs took place in the sewer. our torch burns green, we turn around.

itrid recalls that she was lost in the sewers, came across a meeting of dwarves, well armored and carrying weapons, acting dangerous, so she ran, into a deadend with a manhole cover, which is on the SE edge of the guilds district.

the 2 passages head towards noble district and the palace, both are worthy of more exploration.

we encounter the otyugh in deep water, near a dam, 1 eyestalk is spoted, we prepare to attack when suddenly it spoke “NO Shoot me!”

we converse with the creature, learn its name is Big Stinky, and that negotiate a truce with it. it will not attack anything on 2 legs, nor the pets walking with the humanoids. it will however help to clean up the rat population, hopefully lowering the filth fever problem for the town. we have a signal whistle code to alert it we are in the area and if it can hear it, big stinky will come.

we depart, 3 of the constables stayed, 1 ran in fear.

Itrid was given 3 plat to give to shaffa, we will search for the brother, and decide what to do with the other 12 plat (currently in my keep).

i received a crossbow of mercy, and itrid received a shortsword of mercy, dani has a package as well, we did not open it.



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