Viridumar's Finest

Leader Empress in training

Session 24 - January 10, 4434 BCCC

In which a riot is begun and our protagonists turn it into a rebellion.

Elial’s Journal

9-15-2013, all present, including Terry

Red Blade upper management using mind affecting spells to make their agents go deep cover? who approved? emporer?
Marcus runs off to start uprising
Itrid had chased down a citizen
Itrid is good for now, i asked her point blank if she needed to discuss anything when we were alone in the alley/building after the citizen left.
we all go back to my room to talk, have dinner, and i work on my hat.
how do we mass dispel, karith and i work on thoughts, and prepare to be able to do it.
after some time we hear voices in the distance
riot has started.
mycretian sage, karith tries to black mail him while talking to him, trying to get aid, “you dont need to know, its in your best interest not to, when they come asking questions” sage replies. “you owe me big, 3 favors”
karith and i have ideas on mass ritual to dispel.
i have ideas on how to get an audience with the shaw
all our plans go to crap once the riot actually gets close. we move to it and improvise to get an audience with the shaw faster, distraction of the riot, get arrested, etc.
i gift my magewrought mithral breastplate with family crest of a lantern casting light, to Itrid.
i have the rest that will be used for resources for my other spells. need to make that a priority.
as we get to the riot, i cast greater mage armor on me and cody.
i get men with axes to try to lead the rabble, itrid starts singing, and the group follows the valkyrie maiden, a true emporess if i ever saw one. she will look good on the throne beside me.
“can you hear the people sing” is their mainline. she is inspiring, and always has been now that i think about it, ever since i first met her.
i cast message, allowing me to communicate with all the party over a distance for the new few hours.
the mayor of the town, da’ni spots him trying to calm the riot down, crowd size 40+
blackstar follows along on the rooftops. amalas and ledlow hide in the alley.
perform of 30 drives the crowd into a couragous frenzy towards the now arriving palace emperial guards. melara sneaks out of the castle, da’ni and her talk about plans escalating quicker than they had discussed.
itrid tries to demoralize the soldiers, karith casts a major image of the ghost leaping off the rooftops, screaming at them, i fire bolts of scream across their flanks, shaking them.
soldiers scream out “Take no prisoners, they are aligned with sorcerors”
“down with the shaw, for the empire” screams marcus.
battle ensues, I try to get them to surrender, guards and people die.
we win.
amalas stays in hiding, waiting on orders from me, but not wanting her 2 ton badger to get hurt, da’ni sneaks into the castle
kariths brother tells him that he abondened them again, so karith hypnotizes him to get his cloak.
karith jumps off the roof to join us heading to the castle.
da’ni sees shaw in throne room, sitting, waiting for something.
2 guards.
blackstar headbutts da’ni. “i know i know i am moving” da’ni replies.
As our battle ends, and we head to the gates of the palace, itrid screams out “We demand to see the shaw!”
as we enter through the jammed open gates, I whisper to Itrid through our message “You will make a good leader on the throne, beside me (as an after thought almost, did i say it out loud, or just think it?), you did very well back there.”



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