Viridumar's Finest

The Two Ghosts

Session 23 - January 10, 4434 BCCC

In which the identity of the current and former Ghosts are revealed.

Elial’s Journal

Many questions to ponder, the most and biggest is probably “Can we kill him in broad daylight?” Can we break the enchantment he has cast on so many, can we dispel it?
object or ritual is possible, spell prepped or not?
Amalas knowledge nature of posion from local
who to frame for the murder of the shaw? what political moves can be made here at the same time?

there is some medium to large animal in the brush, Da’ni goes off into the brush moving like he isnt there (31 move silently). does he know the animal?
Amalas says to me or others, who knows, “Seems like Da’ni has changed lately” Itrid agrees saying “Something about him is different indeed”
Da’ni finds blackstar has treed a person, greyish cloak of camoflage, and he screams out "We got a guy in a tree here, draws out his crossbow.
the figure mutters a curse, i scream out “Get out of the tree” as i arrive on scene.
“Thanks but i would rather not be eaten by that thing, can you chase it off” he asks.
the cat yawns lazily, it looks familiar, yet not. Amalas moves to talk to it, it hisses at not being wild.
Da’ni has a wild empathy 25, the cat pads quietly over to him. it is much larger, but resembles his cat from back home. must bring that up to him later.
Cody confirms to me that it has the same scent as blackstar from home. magic is amiss.
Eric, kid brother woodsman, sense motive 22, kariths owl delivers touch of fatigue, mage hand drops the brother into the snow below.
The one he worships is in daner, he needs help to protect her. (talking about Da’ni)
Blackstar tells him he is no housecat. do not mistake me for such, amalas learns through wild empathy 20
the brother speaks. you were going to do something important, but all you did was talk to an elf. we are trying to find the ghost of lies, the brother gives back a blank suspicion look.
i step in with a 23 intimidate on the brother, he admits that both of them were/are the ghost. must talk to karith about this as well.
Da’ni “he doesnt know who the old one was, possibly Karith. What do you want from the ghost, karith replies This isnt what I did. What? was brothers response, you were the ghost? I gave it up for you and mom. web of deceipt indeed. Father was a criminal. brother passes out, yellow patch of snow. cloak of elvenkind, warm, blends naturally. Blackstarsprints tumbles then looks like it wanted to do that (total fumble fail, heh)
guards talk to Kirith about his brother when we return, Better behaviour while you ere around. Karith isnt happy
Sage Nevill, mycretian nick nacks on shelf, could be a good resource, ally. must solidify secretly for now.
Itrid makes a secret sign, he relaxes slightly.
Karith, we do what needs to be done
Itrid, we are not all the same
Da’ni, we want to improve things
Da’ni makes it obvious that he thinks he knows about itrid and mycretions and uncle. I know the 3rd ring, and allow the sage to make his circle better with it. possibly we can use this to alter and dispel the enchantments from the shaw.
my uncle says to me, sneak in a suggestion while removing the one from the shaw. i do so – Rally rioters agasint the shaw, do your best”
Will save, nat 20, hesitate before following though with the suggestion. it was a good one, and would keep the kid out of our hair for a bit.
The sage recognizes amalas mother heritage, "They were a great and respected couple. hopefully one day it will be good to speak family aloud again. may be dissatisfied with his role, i think we can use him to aid us. rumors of parentage and children, he gets nervous. hmm. something is hidden there.
Brother went to see shaw with his mother, requested an audience. was granted, shaw was friendly, kindest, warmest, most. . . wait a minute, he warped their minds. when i looked into his eyes. i must rally the townsfolk he screams they must see the ghost too.
you are soo stupid sometimes, marcus – karith says to his younger brother., soon i will require my mantle.
later itrid runs off into an alley, after someone who heard marcus and karith talking about the ghost. within moments she is upon him, 31 to hit, smite evil on charge, 26 damage, subdual. light fills the alley, he hits the ground hard. later he says, i dont know what just happened
we are all on tonight, as i nod and smile to Itrid.
knowledge religion – holy mojo, divine good alignment energy just happened.
evil in his heart
she performs lay on hands to bring him back to consciousness.
owl keeps tail on the brother. pays nevill?
we receive our 100gp stipend, 2 paychecks
da’ni has evil in his pants (red blade dagger?)
itrid detects evil alignment somewhere on me, conflicting readings, perhaps just her new powers not attuned yet? left over from da’ni or the man she chased?

GM Notes

Karith rolls knowledge arcana to come up with dispel magic ritual and fact that magic goes away when its caster dies

Amalas freaks out over Da’ni’s super-stealth
Itrid – “He seems like he’s changed lately”

Black Star has treed Markus

Amalas makes friends with Black Star

Elial intimidates

Karith out-bluffed Da’ni about his secret identity, which remains safe – until his ego gets involved and he starts smacking Markus around for not acting true to the Ghost’s ideals

Da’ni – “As a certified bursar, I can tell you about the tax rates…”
Elial intimidates Markus into passing out

Dani knocking Markus unconscious again in front of Neville

Karith – “We do what needs to be done”
Itrid “We are not all the same”
Dani “Some of us want to improve things”

Elial enhances the runes of Neville’s ritual

Da’ni – “If I ask Elial too many questions, he’ll ask me too many questions, so” – the two just nod knowingly at each other instead

Dani translates, Elial casts (and accepts the offer from Illumen to implant a new suggestion of his own) – “start a riot agaist the shah”

Karith – “We don’t need assassins coming after us” Da’ni “No, you don’t”

Itrid unlocks her true power, pursuing an evildoer true to her paradigm.

Dani has evil in his pants?



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