Viridumar's Finest

Into the Woods

Session 22 - January 10, 4434 BCCC

In which Karith experiences familial obligation, Amalas’ parents’ fate is discussed, and nature is red in tooth and claw.

Log Entry – Elial “Cody” Litman, Watch Captain

Caer Cadwin
Pamphlets are done up the 1st night, propoganda against the ghost of lies, anti shaw, from multiple people by Da’ni. seeds of a revolution.
Arcane marking on bars so karith can go back with different faces to check on people and to sow more seeds of anti shaw revolution.
karith brother, trying to grow into the man of the house since karith left them, he is bitter about that.
karith stayed over with them, had breakfast, mother and brother, and sister? affected by enchantment mind affecting stuff. all pro shaw now.
his family’s chimney needs fixing. if you have nothing better to do Karith. Karith replies, I have started to pave the way for all of you to move to Viridumar. why would we do that, the shaw is a good man.
family asks why and when he wants them to leave. Come with me when i return, I am on assignment, i will fix the chimney, hires a professional to fix it. brother wants to come along on the hunt with our party. karith tells him now., it isn really hunting, he will be bored. its a top secret assignment he is on.
amalas is very interested in the collar cody wears.
leaving town, spot checks reveal black star leaping from the wall into the forest. da’ni ignores it.
snow drifts are 1-2’ deep. 1 hour distance away is our meeting.
i show amalas the collar. she wants it for her badger
we get within range, owl spots camp.
Amalas approaches elf, he responds, “I am not your father, not sure who told you that” she asks about her family. information. Amalas Do’Urden, yes i know them, is your uncle here as well he asks, looking about, nervously? is uncle in on the death of parents? what is hidden must be revealed, possibly scry/look into the past to find out, must consult with uncle.
I have no idea what happened to them or who they were, do you truly trust these people you are with?
what do you know about them, amalas asks. "Death by snakes, you got sick, you moved, no info since then.
he adds, i am hard to find, just in case this information gets back to the local government. i laugh
he continues – few years before you were born, a seer told of a prophecy, the fall of cadwins usurper at the hands of they that are 2 yet 1. orcuz family, sister is a twin, ?? me and uncle??the shaw arranged the accident for the whole family.
Itrid – i have a question, of curiosity, why have patrols gotten heavier. the walls do not stop stealth, is why.
be careful going back to town, wolves are around in packs, ghost of lies rumor being a werewolf, with a pack of wolves, hmm.
have you seen this ghost of lies.
he looks at karith, faintly amused, nope i havent he says.
if i had seem anyone, this secret would not be mine to share, anyway. i do not have any political connections to help fix our trade problems
to da’ni, you are an elf friend, i am not an enemy of the elves is da’ni’s response.
amalas worried about being outted.
owl spots wolf pack moving in on us.
we prep for attack, set up snares, spells, surprise them even as they howl.

i cast dragonskin on itrid, protecting my future emperoress. worgs attack us, with winter wolves as well.
major image of a boulder, we hide. snares go off, entangle gets cast. xbow bolts fly. hold animal spell, scorching rays, shocking grasp kills a worg, fireball goes off, kills a winter wolf. cody kills another. da’ni electrifies a warg, killing it. blackstar arrives on the scene, sprinting in, full attack pounce on a winter wolf.
karith sneak attacks, badger goes full attack , drops another warg.
da’ni makes no comment about his cat being this far nother, larger, and defending him.
when we return, guards inform karith his brother went after him, asking if he caught up to us.
sage in town tells us of hisotry of orcuz usurpers
we talk about how and what we are doing to the shaw.

GM Notes

(to be added)



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