Viridumar's Finest

Gathering Information

Session 21 - January 9-10, 4434 BCCC

In which many significant conversations occur.

Journal Entry – Elial Littman

I am crafting many things, of wondrous power and glory. Karith is off tracking the ghost of lies, Da’ni and Melara had an intense conversation to which Itrid caught half to more of what transpired, but is keeping herself silent on the topic. the rumor is that Da’ni is a red blade which may be good in the long run if i can ever find it out, and make it work to my advantage.

backtracking a bit, Da’ni made a shooing motion to Itrid, to get her to back off so he could have some “quality time” with Melara to say goodbye, which ended in a more than friendly, hinting at something much more, type of good bye. Itrid thought they were in a kissing embrace, so got all shy and blushing like she normally does. she is such the good one and I am very glad to have her along, just gotta figure out a way to regain, or solidify her trust in me. i need her. Melara asked Da’ni if he “remembered now?”, he replied Yes. she went on, "this would be a simple thing but the populace likes him too much now, its tricky and problematic, we must preserve the order, we cant have a rebellion on our hands, i was going to go through with the wedding so i could play the grieving widow card after i killed him, but i am not sure that would work now either. If you trust your companions, then we can bring them in and possibly finish this job.

Da’ni is only sure about Itrid, half sure about me because of my uncle, and his presumptions about that, and unsure about Amalas and Karith as they are too new. the good bye is oddly formal, and definitely not the preference of Melara but probably because Itrid is standing by watching. what is her real agenda.

Da’ni spots (or thinks he does anyway) the blackstar cat/puma on his way back. he is pretty sure and gives a WTF look when he sees it. Itrid asks him “what did she tell you?” he deflects by asking her what her feelings are about this new Shaw situation. Itrid says, “we are in agreement on the shaw. what happened after? what happens when we get back to Varidumar? Are you still a friend Da’ni?”

he says pausing “I would like to think we are” the rest of their walk is quiet.

Karith not being so quiet, nor so hidden, goes about his searching for this ghost of lies impostor person. his old fence isn’t the new ghost of lies selling point anymore, and the fence is mad about it. Karith convinces him and gains his assistance in finding this new impostor. the new guy is more of an outdoors man type. (possibly this Amalas lead out in the woods?) there was a dark chocolate invasion distraction but in the end it was ok.

Amalas went to the pub, intimidating some random bar patron into going to find out about her family, or else her badger horse would eat him. he went off in search. he came back to tell her about some cousin of hers out in the woods, 4 miles off a road. she buys him a beer for his troubles, and scaring a few years off him.

My hat is almost done, the ostrich feather (some rare far distant avian creature I am told) works perfectly. We all met back up at the common room of the inn, i finally have some food and drink while the others gather and sit down. It isn’t long before before Itrid asks if we can continue the talks in my room, more private, perhaps. I take the hint and order food and we take it up to my room, where Amalas is all about asking about my hat, and my potions and elixirs, and everything. I deflect and answer and deflect and answer. I point out that they have seen me fix things in the past, sew things, etc. nothing is new.

Da’ni speaks up, answering me about the meeting, he says “there were some developments” (Itrid twitches in the corner, something is up. Amalas wants to find or see her parents grave site or something like that, so Da’ni again goes on a tangent speaking about what to do at elves burial grounds. Amalas’ uncle has knowledge of their rather sudden and bizarre deaths, something is up again. Shaw perhaps? Karith tells up about this new impostor ghost of lies, and how he is now in the woods, and he used to hate the Shaw and everything he stood for, but now he hates the emperor (perhaps more of the mind spells?) Karith stumbles over his words, something is up with him as well. Amalas asks if we ever tell the truth to each other. there are glances around, pauses, and I ask her what she is talking about. again pauses, and then everyone starts searching my room, indicating that we cant have others listening to our plans and talks that could be considered treason. i find a removable knothole, i cast mending and fix it. no one was there at the moment but someone could have come along. (my uncle says we cannot have competition for our plans)

we discuss going around and checking on people. detect magics show a minor enchantment aura on people, mind affecting spells. either they love the Shaw, or its the emperors fault seems to be the most common threads, with almost everyone of them repeating the following phrase to us at some point " The kindest nicest most generous human being i ever met. I wish he was the emperor instead". I wonder if Melara is affected, but Da’ni and Itrid do not think so. as we move around, from the richest down the the poorest of neighborhoods there is a distinct difference. the movers and shakers are more affected by the mind spells. things have gotten weird, it seems almost everyone knows someone who has completely changed their affiliations and standings in reference to the Shaw and the Emperor. People are saying the town is against them, its time to move to Viridumar perhaps (the poorer unaffected people)
Karith plants, or tries to plant seeds of rebellion

Itrid and I are all alone at one point during the inn/tavern gatherings and i ask her point blank about her perception of the meeting between Da’ni and Melara and her take on it all and “where she would be?”. She said “it would depend on what our goals were at that time” looking straight at me. She continues “things have become more complicated since before we founded VILE, yes?” I tell her that yes perhaps they have, but that my powers have grown, as evidenced by my crafting and that with the items our team will become stronger, and able to root out and clean up Viridumar easier. I say to her, “i want you around for a long time, sticking close” she responds “sticking close is a good idea.”

I decide i need to have a talk with her, more privately, longer, more in depth.

GM Notes

Milara convinced Da’ni to enlist his trusted allies in the attempt to bring down the Shah, preferably without exposing Da’ni and Milara as Red Blades. Da’ni told her that he trusts Itrid and partially trusts Elial but is unsure about Karith and Amalas, not having worked with them as long.

Karith donned one of his old false identities as the Ghost and met up with his fence, a man named Geordan. Geordan was initially hostile, reasoning that the Ghost must have found a replacement for himself, but was relieved when Karith convinced him that the Ghost was no longer selling to Geordan because this was now a different Ghost, and asked him to start investigating as to who the new Ghost might be or how to contact him.

Amalas heard about an elven ranger camped north of town who might know about her parents’ fate. Looking for assistance, she intruded into Elial’s crafting chambers and took quite an interest in the hat he was making – something with red fabric and an ostrich feather.

Returning to the inn, Da’ni deflected Itrid’s questions about his conversation with Milara (which she had overheard enough of to be suspicious, but not enough to be sure). Da’ni felt as though Black Star was watching him again, but saw no sign of the cat. He began to suspect that Morkweb might be a spymaster of some sort herself.

Gathering in Elial’s room, the group made plans to start trouble against the Shah. Da’ni and Amalas, fearing eavesdroppers, searched the room thoroughly and found a knothole that could be used to spy or listen. Elial used his magic to seal it up.

Following dinner, the group began a bar crawl across the town of Caer Cadwen, looking to determine who favored and who opposed the Shah, and how best to begin shifting public opinion more strongly against him. Karith and Da’ni made plans to implicate the (new) Ghost as a figurehead for the people (and possible scapegoat for the Shah’s fall). Elial and Itrid had an intense conversation about alliances, goals, and plans and came to an agreement on the matter. Itrid is very conflicted.



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