Viridumar's Finest

Caer Cadwen

Session 20 - January 2-9, 4434 BCCC

In which a druid becomes a fellow traveler, Karith finds unexpected supporters of Shah Orcuz, and Da’ni is flabbergasted.

Elial’s Notes
everyone is present and accounted for.

Lytton town, small village outside of the mine I own is where we start. Mae comes to me saying something about her Goddess granted her some ability to destroy my cauldron. Good thing i was prepared for this and had already concealed its aura with a protection from good spell. while I stand near it I am also not showing much of an aura, but she doused me anyway with her holy water after i informed her and convinced her that hte cauldron would or could have intrensic collectors value even with its powers neutralized. the water stung a bit, will have to research that later. They left, which is good.

We go north, towards Caer Cadwen, Da’ni‘s girlfriend, Karith’s home and some research about things in general. While i continue work on a wonderous item (decision to be made quickly as to what i am workin on atm). Da’ni had gotten a letter from Milara, he read into it that she needed help and he was being summoned to help her.

During the trip, Da’ni sees a cat, the size of a bobcat, that he swears is his cat blackstar, the one that Morkweb gave to him, the one i think is a spy. it basically checked in and on him, an left. hmm, interesting. this far north, a cat all alone. suspicious indeed.

We run into a traveller, a druid female half elf, with a badger the size of a huge fracking badger. near the intersection where bandits and rogues were hung out for us to see. we decide to let her travel with us towards Caer Cadwin. Her name is Amalas.

we encounter a prisoner transport train of 2 wagons, with twitchy guards, and are told by the commander to move along citizen, keep to ourselfs. someone is crying and sobbing inside, like always back home. i wonder briefly why the guards are so twitchy, but shrug and we continue on. we are outside of our jurisdiction anyways.

We arrive at Caer Cadwin, and settle in at the Cadwin’s Arms tavern and inn. the overall mood is that the people are guarded, suspicious, and worn down, under the spell of oppression that usually encompasses the common folk. Amalas sees an undercurrent of Hope, things will or are about to get better, perhaps because of the wedding?

the group divides up and goes about some research, gathering of information while Da’ni sees if he can get an audience with Milara.
I will continue work on my wonderous item.
Karith tracks down family, they are still in their same place, taxes are still high, eeking out a living, he thinks tey will do better with us back home. he has an unsettling talk with his mother, who believes that er husband was justly killed, and her encounter with the Shaw went well and he is a good man. he sent her the head of a sergeant that had broken his brothers nose. and gifted her a healing potion to fix the nose. she wishes he was emporer, he will be great were her words. he leaves.

Itrid and Amalas check the town and find out rumors while talking to various peoples.

1. taxes are high, grumbling about why the wall was built up and fortified, why the additional people sent to quell the elves who have always been quiet.

2. excited about the wedding, the shah sympathizes with them, they respect him. his 2 previous wives died during child birth, and so did children, one of which was a demon, monstrosity. 15 and 5 yrs ago. mellara is to be his 3rd wife. midwife that was there and was a relative of someone they talked to died as well.

3. ghost of lies is active again but has switched who he prays upon.

something has chnaged with the shah, he now seems to be paying more attention to and worrying about public attitude and their opinion of him. its hard to get an audience, but when they do he is kind, generous and repays them out of his own coffers.

the town is smaller by a factor of 10 of Viridumar.

Dani meets with milara, nicest set of accomodatoins he has seen outside of parts of the emperors castle (when was he there?). he gets flustered “How are things?”, she responds “things are fine, lots to do with the wedding, etc etc, shaw is charming and its a good alliance between our families.” “and for you?” he adds, again flustered. she knocks the wind out of him by responding “Why Da’ni I didnt know you cared” he stutters, and gets beet red “I…I.. um …” and she laughs and says “relax, I am just teasing you” kinda she whispers.
he asks if there is anything he can do, but she responds, after looking around nervously, “perhaps later, on the west battlements, we can talk, the view is amazing” (hint hint, we are being watched, come tlak later where its safe)
“it was good to see you, glad you got my letter, and that you were able to come.” she adds, backing up his concerns that something is up and she needed him.
he says um ok, sure, later, battlements.

3pm on the west battlements, after coming and telling me about it all.

I figure something is up but i cant figure out how to be there to spy on them, my invisibility only lasts a few minutes, and the battlements are way up high, over 80ft, so about that time Itrid comes in to check in and we decide that she should be the chaperone, because of her honor and all and that might get us some ears and eyes on the conversation since Dani is a blubbering fool when it comes to this girl.

itrids bardic knowledge backs up what she knew, the family has been the right hand of the emprorer for the 80 years they have been in power.

Karith checks in, the ghost of lies supposedly lives in the village, has changed his approach, no longer against the emporer but against the shah now.

Itrid and Da’ni go see Milara at the appointed 3pm on the west battlements. failed a spot check on the way to the castle. hmm.

Itrid sets up downwind (catching or hearing only half of what is said, roughly every other word) after being introduced as the chaperone and fellow watch officer. Mellara tells Da’ni that was considerate of him.

she pulls da’ni off to the side, says “we have a problem. i am fairly certain the shah wants a power base of his own, and h is trying to undermine the emporer, so things will go in his favor, we have to do something to stop him.”

da’ni seems lost, confused, etc. asks “so we have to do something to stop him, what do you have in mind?”

mellara responds, “did they not activate you before you left the city on your way here?” she shakes her head, grabs him between both hands, looks him dead in the eyes, says somethig magical (casting a spell?) and then as da’nis mind is flooded with memories (like being awoken in total recall) she says “Da’ni, you are a ”/campaigns/finest/characters/red-blades" class=“wiki-content-link”>Red Blade, and So am I!"



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