Viridumar's Finest

The Black Cauldron

Session 18 - December 31, 4433 BCCC

In which more kobolds are slain and Elial meets an unexpected relative.

members present – DM, elial, itrid, mae, karith.
members missing – da’ni

Journal Entry: Elial “Cody” Litman, Watch Captain

episode 2 exploring the mines, the continuation after last episodes meeting up of mae and cimera.

as we progressed through the mines, we came to a four way intersection, where many mine carts, rubble from ore, and the sudden presence of a white flag popping up from behind the center cart, with a kobold following it, immediately he started speaking, in common no less, with an accent, but understandable none the less, inmpressive really, “Greetings, brave adventurers, please do not be alarmed, or attack, we have a mutual problem in the mines that you may be able to help us with.” Da’ni moved up the left side, hiding by one of the support columns, 6 kobolds, 2 dire weasals, ready for a fight, but not their normal ambush tactics, so perhaps he was genuine in his interest to parlay, and not just a typical stalling tactic used to gain position.

Itrid steps forward “Oh yea? What’s that then?” always diplomatic, even when talking to the common peasants that one.
I step up and add – “Come and speak your piece then” with a bit of intimidation thrown in to get them to stop lollygagging around and get to the point.

didnt matter one bit what we said, because the 2 lovely ladies we met just an hour or so ago, have a history you see, one a bit more frightening to the kobolds than we could have imagined. because one or two of them spotted our dear dwarf “hunter” cimera and yelled out “IT’S the HUNTER, KILL them AALLLLLL!!” (later we would hear from Itrid that the tales of the “hunter” or “huntress” as it actually should be but i am guessing the little lizards dont really get taught that, is that sh hunts, kills, or rather exterminates the little ones, and doesnt stop until the lair is wiped out)
so it began.

3 of them popped up, took pot shots at cimera with their slings, 2 plinked off her full plate armor, one went wild, i bet because the lizard was relieving itself at the time, having met its doom this day, in flesh.

Da’ni took out one sneaking around his support column, it drops alchemists fire vial, which explodes coating and burning the bugger, and making for a nice bonfire in the middle of my mine.

Mae charged into the fray, immediately, she dodged, or possibly the tanglefoot bag thrown at her was just wild, either way it missed, and she took out the one she charged.

Cimera charged behind her friend, i am guessing they knwo the drill, usually they dont have backup like us. she ran through the fire, not caring one bit. it singed her from what i could tell, but you wouldnt have guessed it. she killed one, cleaved into another, crit confirmed it, 2 down, the hunter indeed. a well earned name so far after 2 fights. i wonder what brought her to be such a hater of these little guys. they arnet known for travelling or having large warfare campaigns, especially against dwarves. hmm.

a dire weasal took the opportunity to latch onto Mae, which causes Itrid to charge in and attack the weasal laying some blood onto it. I knock out the other weasal with a few shots.
suddenly the cry of “DIE HUNTER!” is heard from behind the wall and behind Semera, who slides his knife between her armor plating, and confirms a critical hit on her for 18 damage.
Itrid finde herself wrapped up in goo from a tanglefoot bag (she passes her save though, so it doesnt glue her to the ground) but Mae is hit also, and fails her save, locking her in place.

da’ni meanwhile drops another one

Cimera heals herself by draining the life out of unconscious bleeding kobolds around her.
i critical confirm on a kobold dropping it unconscious. its always good to get information from prisoners i have found.

the dwarf miners suddenly call out in terror “Undead behind us” and 1 of them, the paranoid little one, bolts for cover, but the other 2 are caught unawares, perhaps they were surveying the walls while the kobold battle went about, or just plain hiding, not sure. they look like former miners, human, old clothing

Mae breaks free of the goo, and goes after what appears to be the biggest kobold ever, leader of this group for sure.

Da’ni drops another one.

Karith draws out his antique truncheon on the charge and moves to intercept the skeletons, drops one

i charge and do the same maneuver seeing how well it worked, drop another one.

Bodur actually gets into the mix, with his heavy pick he smashed one from head to floor in one swing

i get hit for a minor blow, da’ni drops the chieftain one that cimera and mae were ganging up on, he wasnt the one talking to us though, interesting.

itrid drops the last skeleton and the battle was won.

we learned that the kobolds must have been an expeditionary force, because of their position, make up and lack of traps. Mae comments on how the miners picks were also overly worn, as if they had been mining with them for the past 4 decades without stopping, interesting find.

karith loots a few tanglefot bags, and a few vials of alchemists fire. he also finds a hewards handy haversack, and a +1 magical shortsword, as well as a dwarven made masterwork heavypick, wich i give to Bodur for his competence and bravery in battle (value and history alone should be nice to make him friendlier)

dire weasal fur cloak

we continue on the direction the kobold tracks showed the expeditionary force went, i am intrigued by their problem they wanted help with.

we come upon a room, reddish stone, black obsidian pedastal with a bronze cauldron sitting upon it.there is a dias with a throne, with a seated humanoid in armor seated upon it.
karith almost blinds himself with the power of the pedastal and cauldron while trying to detect magical auras. artifact level.

“I smell the blood of my blood, hold your weapons, perhaps our accursed imprisonment is finally at an end. You come foward and let me speak with you” the seated humanoid says as he gets up and moves. pointing at me.

we spot 4 ghouls in armor as well.

they do not attack outright.

Mae holds her weapon and turns to look at me, everyone opens up a path for me to speak and walk should i choose to.

he continues his speech “I will not do anything to harm you or break the curse, without your permission”

I ponder what i know of this place “unforeseen infestation, bright light, screams from down below, my uncle and his men entered, never came out. hmm”

I ask him, “are you my great uncle, Lord Illuman?” he says yes i am that man.

I enter to spak with him, the ghouls take up a line facing my group, keeping them at a distance, he sits back down, i approach the dias and we talk.

itrid is close enough to hear, possibly da’ni as well, the others are further back, especially the raven queens paladin, her aura would throw this out of whack for sure.

My great uncle informs me that they found the cauldron while digging deep, it was there already, covered up, it couldnt be moved, so they dug out the room around it. his adepts were studying it, he cant recall its name, they call it the black cauldron of power. cursed it is, using it, has a side effect of transmuting silver into carbellium, hence hte reddish stone around the pedastal, all carbellium. i take it in as he talks. Itrid already knew there was carbellium, we saw the stone in the minig carts earlier. but having never seen it for myself, or at least not in any size more than the tips of an arrow on the emperors guards, i didnt make the connection, and it sure as heck wasnt or isnt supposed to be here. they were in the process of using the altar, when an agent of the red blades, who had infiltrated his adepts backstabbed him during the ritual, causing the cauldron to modify or somehow release its energy thus causing all the men to turn into undead. Jorg wsa the red bladed name.
he wants to transfer his soul into mine, not displacing but cohabitating perhaps, granting me powers of arcane or divine, and the spell on how to use the cauldron to transmute silver into carbellium.

i wonder about the natchi, his place in their ranks, possibly taking over, redirecting that power, perhaps the seat of the emperor, lots of power, lots of money, carbellium could fix a few things, clean things up.

dead cant leave the mine, but living can.

things to think about…



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