Viridumar's Finest

The Rumor Mill

Session 15 - December 14-21, 4433 BCCC

In which little action occurs but much diplomacy and rumormongering takes place.

Journal Entry: Elial Littman

we have a slight reprieve and outcome from watch prosecution, open and shut case on confession.

Wagglenose published his first newspaper, has a business license. Quotes included an exclusive interview with our team and Itrid’s line about watch helping people or not being able to or something and why we are different and or better. There was also an editorial about concern for recent handling of non humans, a committee or something needed to figure out what or how to distinguish them or something. a “no comment” from the commander of the unit.

People approach us (me while in the office) thankful for how we handled Kochilar’s arrest and that other people in authority are also bad and corrupt as well, and that if we handled them the same way, people would be thankful. (How thankful and in what ways were not discussed) proper recognition, etc. (money, payouts, etc?) 3 different accusations from Natchai people (anonymously), took the opportunity to persuade them religion is wrong or false, and their thoughts on that, and getting them thinking. no written reports, noone filed any accusations non anonymously. I will follow up with them separately and privately to find out about the recognitions and how thankful they would be.

Itrid was approached by mycretian followers, basically the same things. is itrid devout? she is not visibly practicing. can she save people on the sacrificial list, get people out of jail, etc. she gave a very diplomatic response, “not her specific duties” and she wants to keep a low profile. they ask about jail schedule, who is on watch, etc. did her diplomatic best to avoid upsetting them. she wrote to her grandfather about being approached this way and how to handle it better.

We heard more rumors about town:

  • Herbalists can help out if you have trouble with “flagging ardor”.
  • The “Obsidian Citadel” in the mountains to the west is ruled by a storm giant. The hills to the SE of it are inhabited by “Serd worms”, infested. Itrid has no academic knowledge of such creatures but she’s heard other stories that say they don’t exist.
  • Morale is low in the imperial military, only the archers are high (those with Carbelium tipped arrows?)
  • The mountains on Gheulost Island were once inhabited by pegasus, that left when mining started there.

there is growing unrest about the succession of the absent emporer for the last 18 months and the coming 150th anniversary in the spring.
2 main candidates, itrids grandfather, though itrid has doubts. elves and the common people like him but not much political power.
shah orcuz on the north (dani’s girlfriends betrothed)

Political rumors are swirling as well:

  • The emperor’s son from way back isnt actually dead – named Teroth or Tyroth, in hiding putting an overthrow plan together.
  • The emperor is fine and this is all a ruse to draw out his enemies.
  • The supposed head of the Natchai (if one exists?) seeks to become next emporer, consolidation of the positions.
  • Non humans and the empire democratic solution, power struggle, plots elves vs dwarves.

12-20 melara returned to viridumar, dani leaves work early to request audience
12-21 – solstice – Mer Shunna big religious event, mermoon sacrifices of eldest daughters 16-19 serving in the temples, all 3 of the proposed sacrifices disappeared the night before. Mycretians causing trouble again?
seas grow wild and dangerous because of it supposedly. fishing and merchant vessels stay in, only military is never affected.
high winds, and sleet blows in, bad, very bad.

GM Notes

Elial is following up on the accusations he received in confidence from fellow Natchai. He has dispatched constables to investigate the basis of each accusation, and is also asking discreetly around his contacts among the Natchai.

Itrid is looking to find who has been (falsely?) accused of Mycretianism of late, and the motives for such accusations.

Need to provide rumors/information about Elial’s family mine to Elial.

Out of Character Notes: Paul

1-20-13 (Itrid, Elial & Raven Present)

3 different accusations from Natchai people (anonymously) 3 different knowledge religions (17, 14, 15) to persuade them religion is wrong or false.

Itrid’s diplomacy rolls (27, 15, 18) to avoid upsetting the mycretians who came to her

rumor gathering rolls:
me – 15 – (roll result of 05) herbalist
itrid – 22, result 30 – obsidian citadel… knowledge nature of 13, bardic knowledge of 31.
me result of 151 – morale in military
itrid result of 48- pegasi

Glenns birthday cake was a huge hit, he turned 31. carrot cake for the win.
we talked about eggs, milk, etc. rabid raccoons

the future of the campaign and the direction we want it to go in.
political power brokers?
exploration of the mine
wedding involvement?

falsely accused mycretians
watch network of corrupt and disloyal or bad authority figures need to be cleaned up.
expedition to the mines, get supplies, contacts, travel, expedition force, gain money for other plans.

check on feats for item creation, boosting caster level, etc.



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