Viridumar's Finest

Bagging Chompers

Session 13 - November 27-December 11, 4433 BCCC

Everyone was present, including our newest member (Michael, playing a battle sorceror/Expert named Karith London – welcome!)

key points from last session:

we begin where we left off, pulling the dagger out of moondragon’s back, between his shoulder blades, dagger turns reddish in color, then turns back to normal, hint and sign of red blades work. we lock down the place, check it out, find noone else around. scent upstairs and on dagger is that of whistling man, though slightly different, third scent now. Dani found a sealed letter to Ilsa Moondragon (daughter) living currently in Caer Cadwen (yet another reason to go there). Dani pocketed it, later opened it over a flame, and read it (it says moondragon feared for his life, updated her on the trial, and said if she didnt hear from him after this letter, to come to Viridumar and see what she can do), and then resealed it and mailed it later. we followed the whistling mans scent, an hour old, into an alley where it dead ended on a bare wall, up it i mean. we figured it now went above our pay grade, because if he is a red blade, and he was ordered to assassinate, then what exactly are we going to arrest him for?

fast forward a few weeks, during which the local bards and street entertainers have started to sing of our exploits, the “exemplars of justice” being able to bring anyone to justice no matter their station, etc, etc. Itrid and Dani learn some of the songs and how to play them.

one that i heard while in the frog and toad one night, alone went something like this, and was called “The exemplars of Justice”:

beware the reach of the exemplars of justice
Before you get a revolution
they will get on this right away
so you get on your feet
And out on the street
but they’re not like all of the rest.

they got to take you down
Because this is their town
I gotta ask you comrades and brothers
How do you treat your own at home
but they’re not like all of the rest.

how many years can a mountain exist
Before it’s washed to the sea?
how many times can a man turn his head
Pretending he just doesn’t see?
how many ears must one man have
Before he can hear people cry?
how many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?
but they’re not like all of the rest.

Politicians hide themselves away
Why should they go out
They leave that role to the poor and desperate
Making it all just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in a game
Wait ‘til their judgement day comes
but they’re not like all of the rest.

No more pigs have the power
Hand of justice has struck the hour
Day of judgement, justice is calling
On their knees the pig’s crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
but you’re not like all of the rest.

Everyone’s protesting and keeps suggesting
but you’re not like all of the rest.
Garbage ain’t collected, women ain’t protected
Politicians using people, they’ve been abusing
The corruption is getting bigger, like pollution in the river
And you tell me that this is where it’s at.
but you’re not like all of the rest.
beware the reach of the exemplars of justice

We are back on night patrols again, not sure if it was intentional, or to keep us mostly out of sight as the winter storms started blowing through, dropping snow on the town, filling back alleys, freezing the poor in place, killing some in the shambles.

My Sister, Loralee, was promoted to Watch Commander, to replace Garrish Kochilar. 2 weeks has passed, 1 week more and Dani’s girlfriend lover that was away in Caer Cadwen should return. During this time, we had the morgue pick up moon dragons body, and file the official that he was dead and a notice sent to his daughter. we claimed 30 platinum from his shop, along with 6 potions (cure light wounds, endure elements, mage armor, instability, oil of magic weapon and eagles splendor). we have his keys as well, and should his daughter show up, we hope to be able to liquidate his estate for her inheritance.
we received out 50 gold stipend each.

we have 12 plat left over from the 15 plat payoff for the dead girl Kelera from the dwarves. Dani has 15 plat from his ring sale to Punbar Latte.

I cornered Itrid about her hiding the fact of who she was and why. she responded he was a tough strict hard to be around protector type and she wanted to make it on her own. he agreed as did she not to make it public that a woman such as she was in the city watch. it was frowned upon, and would be an embarrassment i guess.

SHe received a letter from the new corporal London assigned to us, (Karith London) summoning her to a meeting with her grandfather who had shown up the day before. she was to report to the Veridian Vine Inn, at 12-1pm. I asked if she wanted company, she said she would be alright and went about her meeting.

we also received letters (all 4 of us) notices of Transfer to the Normal town watch station under the command of my sister Loralee, the new commander. I was also getting promoted to Captain, and Itrid received a promotion to Sergeant. well earned I think. Constable Baylyff and Corporal Johnson were also transferred along with us.

As we were just ending our night shift, we packed up, finished paperwork and headed for our meeting.

We checked in and found out that my sister had been granted permission to start a new unit. one that would be more proactive in Identifying and following up on crimes. Temporarily known as “City Watch investigative unit”, though my current thoughts are on the team being called:
Viridumar Internal Security Investigative Team (or VISIT) for short.


I am to be in charge, but not on a desk duty style position, more like my other sister Delsie, and her lead from the front regime.

we have our first mission, which is to rid the sewers of the giant crocodile problem in the sewers that we had previously reported on, and had recently attacked and bitten the leg off of a sewer worker.

350px creatures sewer alligator

so off we went to the sewers where we thought we had run into it before. we requisitioned 1 Cure Light Wounds potion for each of the 4 of us. and some heavy ships cabling to secure the beast. I brought up 1 of 2 options, kill it and feed the poor and hungry with it, or capture it and possibly put it in the Imperial Menagerie. both were scoffed at, but in the end we went with both as viable options, primary and secondary plans. we made our way there first thing the next day.

We entered the sewer, found Big Stinky and informed him of our plan, he was quite happy, wants us to get rid of it. we found a suitable location T intersection where one end dead ended and the water was not overly deep in case or rather when we ended up in the water fighting it.

When it arrived, Dani and Karith spotted it first, and hid. Itrid and I were carrying our lanterns, and turned the bullseye upon the floating log, at which point it came out of the water, and moved towards Itrid. I was ready for it, and cast WEB on it, anchoring my spell on a ledge, and 2 opposite corners, while it was not completely immobalized, it was hindered enough for Itrid to cast her PYROTECNICS spell upon her lanter, but wasnt clever enough to get her eyes closed even though she said for us to close ours. I think she felt her lantern casing would protect her eyes. it did not. both her and the beast were blinded for a bit of time. It tried to lash out at Itrid for doing so, but the blinded state and her new gloves kept her safe. Dani then moved in and with a crackle of lightning his chain of dwarven make slammed into the beast, making is writhe in pain. Karith followed up with a well placed crossbow shot, Dani moved for positioning and it tried to bite him as well, but missed. I shot it with my swift justice, causing subdual damage while Cody ran around to create a flank should it be needed.

The croc went after Itrid again, this time, hitting her and dragging her into the shallows, almost engulfed, and her not doing much to move, badly injured it looked like.

she drank a cure light wounds potion while under water, protected by her necklace allowing her to breathe still. Dani slammed his chain into it again, electricity sparks showering the beast and the water. Karith hit it again, and cody rushed in, biting it as I shot again at it, and it went limp.

Itrid fought loose of the beasts mouth and surfaced as we fished her out, completely soaked, but alive. I cast Cure light wounds on her, and almost completely healed her wounds. followed it with a cure minor wounds, and she would be fine when she got the last bit of curing from the medics back at watch.

We tied it up with a cooperative rope cabling endeavor and with the help of big stinky we towed it out of the sewers to our waiting watch groups. it took us over 5 hours to drag the monstrous beast out of there (2000-4000 lbs for a 20ft saltwater crocodile for reference)
Animal handlers from the menagerie showed up and were pleased with the size of the beast and informed us that the payment that had been agreed upon with our watch commander would be sent (so she did think we would succeed and planned for it, well done, cant wait to see what that is)

We negotiated a nice payment for big stinky, several of the geese that did not live through the last winter storm would be dropped down the main town square sewers, where he usually lives.

SO far i was, as always, satisfied with the work of our team, and the new guy did well, didnt panic, both his shots hit their target, and he hid well. I wonder about his owl though, and whether there is more to it (spellcraft, or knowledge arcana to see if its a magical beast and not just a regular animal? if so i my point it out, especially when or if it occurred while in the sewers and just the 4 of us, because we need to know what the team is and is not capable of, to be successful)



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