Viridumar's Finest

The Trial

Session 12 - November 26-27, 4433 BCCC

In which a trial is held and an investigation leads in unexpected directions.

Journal Entry: Elial Littman

The trial began exactly on time, as we knew it would, given that Sir Aghill the Impatient was running it. Him being an ex-soldier, and quite the blunt one, I smiled when the bells rang and in he walked. I figured it would be tough for Kochilar to pull one over on him as he hated uncertainty.

The courtroom was decorated in the green and gold color scheme and was rather large. I wondered how many had been in here, thinking they would escape, get off, and walk away free? I thought on our case, the investigation, my fellow watch officers, my sisters.

Zhir “Happy” Dengar was present, reveling in the fact that Kochilar was on trial, he giggled quite a lot and frequently, usually at the wrong time it would seem. I shrugged. supposedly he was on our side.

there was quite a long witness list: Harald Helmcleaver, my sisters Delsie and Loralee, Constables Baylyff and Johnson, all 3 of us, Corporals Sayner and Shreeves, Moondragon, and Dani’s great uncle.

Loralee gave a brief account of the events that occurred and that the investigation was followed in accordance with the laws.

I was asked to add my statement and after a series of interruptions and cross examinations by Zhir Hessun (Kochilars defense) I had a 24 intimidate check and a 20 bluff check mentioning Big Stinky and a few other things that seemed to shake the Zhir. I passed the baton to Itrid who brought up dwarven culture, and that she was trying to make her own way rather than rely upon her family name (that of a Mycretian Shah, her grandfather) she had a 23 diplomacy accomplishing on her own merits. we spoke of the conspiracy between dwarves and our watch, and then they tried to intimidate Moondragon but our knowledge local brought about an objection to their statements on alternative narrative trying to pitch Kochilar as the victim of stolen watch goods and an assassination attempt. Itrid did a very good diplomatic 23, closing statement reminding that dwarves have a bad stereotype and how much was owed to the defense and how much he would get paid by happy dengar 23 diplomacy and a 20 bluff check saying he was owed nothing.

Sir Aghill called a recess so we went outside to the courtyard.

The whistling man was present and i followed him after giving Itrid the heads up. i went invisible. he mentioned a sea god. i made him run into me while invisible. Cody got the scent verification up close and personal, directly off the man himself. he took off, across the market square, and off away from us.

dramatic interlude, back from recess. guilty and death by hanging, 10 days of his head on a pike at the gate.

we go back and track the whistling man, his body changed, scent modified, but still trackable. itrid used her bardic knowledge of 26 to say that magical transformation can do that to a scent. we followed the scent all the way to the imperial palace.

intimidation to get inside the imperial palace, Private Jethis escorted us. we got a sous chef, who liked itrid, to help us along, 27 tracking check led us to a dead end at a tapestry depicting the previous emperor who with my 21 knowledge history was the last of the micretion golden age intellectually and socially, he was deposed violently. we searched but found nothing of how the person could go through or past the tapestry. we left.

next morning the cold wind is getting worse, we were onsite for the execution. it was carried out. nothing we could tell allowed kochilar to escape.

in the office of moondragon, who was the only one not present at the execution, we found his body slumped over, with a dagger between his shoulder blades. reddish metal blade, secret police.

happy dengar invited us to a party celebrating kochilar’s execution.
itrid replied with we are on duty.
i chuckled.

GM Supplemental Notes

  • Elial told Zhir Hessun, “I can take you to meet Big Stinky personally if you want” (24 intimidate as mentioned)
  • Elial credited Itrid with outfighting Big Stinky – Sir Aghill seemed impressed.
  • Elial presented Bronn’s escape as a justification for why the Watch needs more manpower.
  • Zhir Hessun revealed Itrid’s identity as Shah Aenekosii’s daughter. Not yet known how he found this out.
  • Itrid and Elial both scored good points about succeeding on individual merit (Itrid) versus nepotism (Kochilar).
  • Zhir Hessun tried to spin Kochilar’s arrest as a potential assassination attempt with Watch impersonators. Itrid confirmed that there have been no known cases of impersonation in the last several years at least, but would be interested in knowing if there are any.
  • Constable Johnson has been promoted to Corporal for excellence in the line of duty during Kochilar’s arrest.



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