Viridumar's Finest

A Quiet Interlude

Session 10 - November 24, 4433 BCCC - 8/26/12

In which nothing noteworthy happens whatsoever, but a good time is had by all.

(alternate gaming since brian wasnt able to make it and glenn was catching a sore throat. so we all sat down and played dominion card game with heather. it was a blast)

The afternoon was quiet, Da’ni had not been heard from, and when Elial arrived at the assigned guard post for the day, one of the gates with nothing much to do, something about having it locked down so that peasants wouldnt bring some sort of rotten foliage inside the city or something, Elial and Itrid sat down with another female guard member, and played cards.
It was a game that all the others had played, but Elial had not, it had to do with kingdoms, rivers, peasants, evergreen trees, parental figures, coinage, fiefs freeholds and feofdoms, minions and of course betting, since the younger guards felt they could pull the wool over old man Elial’s eyes. Usually you see, he would sin such games, more times than nought.
But he was feeling good coming off the capture of Kochilar, so he set his money down, and learned the game. played it well he thought, though he did lose the few games they played, before it was time to call it a night and let the youngers get to bed.

Elial wore a smile, his coin belt felt lighter, but in the end, morale was high, and he was making better friends of some of the youngers, people he felt closer too since first meeting them, and this was just another stepping stone along that path. he slept well.



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